12 Fruits To Eat During Early Pregnancy

Fruits To Eat During Early Pregnancy:

When you are pregnant along with you all your family members starts to show special care on you. They induce you to eat more to be sufficient for you and your growing baby. But its not true when it comes in the case of a pregnant women. Eating more will not satisfy your nutritional requirements but it can cause you indigestion. You should eat fruits and vegetables during early pregnancy. If you are pregnant or planning to be a pregnant then you should dedicate your self in taking a balanced diet that contains essential Nutrients, Vitamins to meet the nutritional requirements of your body.

When you start planning your diet vegetable and fruits plays an important role. They provides you essential nutrients and vitamins that are required for you and your growing baby. Following is a list of fruits that should be included in your diet plan of a pregnant women.

fruits to eat during early pregnancy


Pomegranate is one such fruit that is highly recommended during pregnancy. They have more than 40% of vitamin C that is required for a pregnant women during her pregnancy. Along with Vitamin C it also has Vitamin A, E, Folic acid, Potassium, Calcium, Niacin and Antioxidants.

fruits to eat during early pregnancy pomegranate


Apples are rich source of Vitamin A, C, Zinc, Antioxidants and Dietary Fiber. They provides you the essential nutrients during your pregnancy. It can help to grow your baby stronger. Avoid taking the seeds of an apple because they contains cyanide that can be harmful.

fruits to eat during early pregnancy apples


You should have guava in your diet during pregnancy. They are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Fiber, Folate, Carotenoid and Polyphenol other Antioxidants. The fiber in guava can help you for proper digestion and can also relax your muscles.


Oranges are good source of Vitamin C and Folate, that can help the brain development of fetus. They help in reducing blood pressure. Its better to consume this fruit in moderate quantity.


Bananas are rich source of Folate, Vitamin B-6, Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin C. The Folate in banana helps in proper development of fetus.

fruits to eat during early pregnancy banana


Avocados are good source of Vitamin C, E, K, Magnesium, Potassium, Fiber,Unsaturated fatty acids. They have high folate than every other fruit that helps in the proper development of fetus.

avacados during early pregnancy


Kiwis contains a mix of nutrients that are required to fulfill the nutritional requirements of a pregnant women. They contains high quantity of folic acid along with Vitamin A,C,E potassium and phosphorus. They helps in absorption of iron more effectively.

kiwi during early pregnancy


Watermelons are packed with high level of Vitamin A,C and B6 along with Magnesium, Potassium and Dietary Fiber. The magnesium in watermelon can help in muscle relaxation which can helps to avoid premature contraction. Take them into your diet during the third trimester of pregnancy.


Mangoes are wonderful source of Vitamin C, Antioxidants that helps for proper digestion during pregnancy. They are delicious to eat, take them into your diet during your third trimester.

Custard Apple:

Custard apples are packed with Vitamin A and C which helps in the development of skin,eyes and growth of your baby. They also have calories that can help you to gain some weight during your pregnancy.

custurd apple


Cherries are packed with high level of vitamin C that helps a pregnant women to fight with infections. They have melotonin, an antioxidant that helps in cell growth during pregnancy. It also helps in providing good sleep to a pregnant women.


Strawberries contains high level of vitamin c which makes you stronger. They also have magnesium and potassium that helps in proper blood circulation to placenta.

Benefits of fruits in your diet:

When you plan for a balanced diet during your pregnancy fruits are important part of your diet which provides you healthy nutrients, Vitamins and other essentials.

  • Vitamin C in fruits helps for the formation of tissues and will make you stronger to fight with infections.
  • Dietary fiber in fruits will helps you for proper digestion during pregnancy.
  • Folate in fruits helps for the formation of red blood cells.
  • Vitamin D helps in the healthy bone development of you and your baby.
  • Essential antioxidants will help to make you stronger.
  • Potassium helps in regulating blood pressure. it also used to relax muscle cramps during pregnancy.

Tips to eat fruits during early pregnancy:

  1. Even though fruits have several health benefits its important to consume them in moderate quantity because over eating may cause you indigestion.
  2. There are several fruits that you should be avoid during early pregnancy.
  3. Wash the fruits before consuming.
  4. Use only fresh fruits. Avoid canned or processed fruits from your diet because they contains high level of sugar and chemical preservatives in them.
  5. Take of seeds properly because some seed can be harmful to you like apple seeds.
  6. If you are consuming fruits as juice then use only pasteurized milk.

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