12 Good Hobbies during Pregnancy

Good hobbies during pregnancy:

The moment you become pregnant, you might be excited and worried. The members in the family shows a lot of love and care. Mostly they advise you to take enough rest. You may have intense hobbies but you should know about some good hobbies during pregnancy.There are certain tasks which are not allowed to take up.Most of the time you may be bored laying on the bed. We are ready to help you out!! We gonna make your day as busy as a bee.

Be busy hobbies with less energy during pregnancy:

We find the bees always buzzing around, without any leisure. The activities or hobbies during pregnancy should be very simple and conserve less energy. This article will make your day happy and busy. Be alert!! your baby may respond while you are performing some of the hobbies. Lets have a look:

1. Listening music/playing music:

One of the scientifically proven hobby for the people in depression and anxiety. Music has the power to cure illness. Listening or playing music will relaxes your mind tissues. Listening to soft melodies is the best choice for the pregnant women. If you are very much excited try this with your baby..(After the 24th or the 25th week of pregnancy set a time to listen your favorite tunes, later some days skip a day without listening music. You can observe the baby kicks and asks you to listen music. It just really feels awesome.)

lisitning music

2. Writing is one of the best hobbies during pregnancy:

Writing is one of the best opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings in term of words. Its considered as the best hobby for the pregnant women. Their are many things you hide inside you by thinking that people may not receive in a proper manner. In such situations you can put it on the paper and relive from stress. Writing will make you free from depression. This hobby doesn’t require more energy. So, a pregnant women can easily take up this hobby.

hobbies in pregnancy writing some thing

3. Reading:

Pregnancy is a great time to spend and feel. Reading will really help you out through your stress and makes you feel relaxing. Their are many categories of books like communications skills, self motivating, spiritual, religious and novels available, choose a book on your choice. You can also browse and read something related to pregnancy and baby care.

hobbies during pregnancy reading some book

4. Walking:

One of the most recommended hobby for the pregnant women is walking. It consumes less energy and gives more benefits. Taking a walk for a while after the breakfast, lunch or dinner will help you with the problems like heart burning and indigestion. Its also helps to heal your swelling in legs.

casual walking

5. Gardening is one of the best hobbies during pregnancy:

Gardening is the best mind relaxing activity. Growing different types of blossoms, fruits and veggies in your garden will make your day busy as a bee. Gardening include the activities like planting, watering, re-potting, cleaning and other. You can conserve the foods grown in your garden are healthier and organic. Gardening also needs some physical efforts, take the help of your partner.

hobbies during pregnancy gardening outdoor

6. Cooking is my favorite hobbies during pregnancy:

All the pregnant women will have the symptom of craving (symptoms during pregnancy) during pregnancy. Instead of ordering the food from restaurants, its an best idea to cook yourself. This hobby make your parent life easier. You should discover many dishes for your growing baby as well. Hobby of cooking will relaxes you from depression and anxiety.

hobbies during pregnancy cooking food

7. Watching Movies:

Though its not in the best hobby list. It will make you feel relaxed when you are really worried. During pregnancy its best to watch some comedy movies which will build up your stress levels. Watching television too much isn’t good hobby, but it will changes your lazy day with fun and laughs.

hobbies during pregnancy watching good movies

8. Painting:

Painting is the best hobby for every one especially for the pregnant women. It is something that links with creativity. This hobby have the capacity to relax the mind. The sight of colors will make feel delighted and pleasing. It is also an opportunity to express your skills on a paper. The women with high depression levels are recommended to add painting into their hobbies list.


9. Yoga/Meditation:

Doing exercises is one of the best hobby. Every pregnant women should exercise at least one hour in their daily routine. Exercises like yoga and meditation will help you to exit from stress and depression. Some sort of prenatal yoga aasan will improve flexibility, which is most beneficial at the time of labor (please consult doctor before attempting any aasan). Doing meditation improve the health status of you and your baby. It relaxes your mind and make your day energetic.

10. Craft making:

Craft making is one of the creative hobby. It keeps your mind busy with the plans to make the best craft. You can try many crafts like paper crafting, college making, picture collection, pot making, pot coloring, best out of waste and many other. Creative thinking will also improves the baby’s brain.

11. A small outing with spouse:

A unplanned outing with your spouse will really bring you out of the stress and pressure. You can plan some of your days of pregnancy in outing, actually it doesn’t need much planning. A short visit to a park or any exhibition followed by lunch or dinner will really bring you back. As you guys gonna be new parents their may be lot to express and spend time with one another.

12. Photography:

Photography is something memories the past memories. Its a best technique to freeze the time as your best moments. It is best recognized art. Photography will present you the past moments fresh and live. Many pregnant women will have a tract of their photos during pregnancy stages. This hobby will convert your leisure time into creative and technical.

Note: This may or may not work with all the pregnant women. As i am self experienced, i have shared it.

hobbies during pregnancy photography

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