15 Essentials for newborn baby to buy before delivery

15 Essentials for newborn baby to buy:

Diaper bag is helpful mainly while traveling with a baby. In exact to meet the baby needs and to make the baby feel comfortable. Its good to pack all the baby things in a bag. Lets see the things that are essentials for newborn baby to be packed in a bag:)….

15 essentials for newborn babies

1. Diapers(born baby):

Diapers are helpful to absorb the baby’s pee or pooh. Many brands of diapers are available in the market. They are available in both disposable and reusable. Reusable diapers are more comfortable for the baby. When the baby is awake at home, you are recommended to use reusable diapers. But while traveling disposal diapers are easy to use.

2. Diaper rash cream is one of the essentials for newborn baby:

Their are several baby rash creams available in the market. This rash cream is applied to the baby in the diaper area, to avoid the any kind of rashes on the skin.

3. Cloth nappies:

Cloth nappies are really good for the baby’s skin. They are made of very soft fabric which makes the baby feel comfortable. The flow of air in the cloth nappies will keep the baby skin free from rashes. Cleaning the nappies regularly and sun drying them is very important.

4. A soft blanket or swaddler is essentials for newborn baby:

A soft blanket is used to cover on the baby while sleeping as well as swaddling him in to blanket while carrying. Any soft blanket will provide a best warm sleep to the baby.

5. A soft towel:

The most preferred material for the towel is cotton. Because the cotton towel absorbs the wet very effectively and dries super fast in very less time. Towel is best to carry while traveling. When the baby suddenly vomits, you need to change his clothes. Before changing the clothes if you wipe the baby’s body with Luke warm water from the thermal water flask, it becomes a mini bath for the baby.

6. Mittens and socks:

Mittens and socks are very useful for the baby till the age of 1 year.You can observe fast growing of nails in the babies. Though even you trim them regularly. Mitten for hands are very helpful to avoid scratches on the face and socks will help the baby to keep their foot warm.

7. Baby wipes:

Baby wipes are most useful for easy cleaning while traveling.Wipes are wet sheets with included liquid serum which protects the baby’s skin. You can use the baby wipes to clean the area around the mouth after feeding,vomiting and also to clean the diaper area after the pee and pooh.

8. Feeding bottle:

Feeding bottles made of non-toxic material, they are always baby friendly.They are useful in many cases like, For few baby’s doctor suggest the formula milk which need to be diluted in the hot water and fed to the baby and to feed the pumped breast milk of the mother.

9. Baby clothes:

Though you are traveling to hospital or any traveling to any places its advised to carry 2-3 pair of clothes in the diaper bag. At some situations baby may vomit, pee or pooh. In such situations a pair of dress in your bag can solve your problem.

10. Thermal water flask:

The thermal flask keeps the water warm for 5-6 hours. Many mothers may not feel comfortable to feed the baby’s while traveling or in public places. In such scenario you can use the hot water to mix the formulated milk powder and easily fed to the baby.

11. Soft dry sheet:

Actually dry sheet is very helpful while traveling. This dry sheet is made of a soft water proof material which can be easily cleaned when the baby pee or pooh’s. It is also useful while changing the baby diapers.

12. Nasal absorption:

Nasal absorption makes the baby feel very comfortable in breathing. When you are traveling with infants, changes in the weather conditions or the air conditioning in the flight or car may cause cold or cough as a result the baby may feel difficulty in breathing. In such situations you can easily remove the blockage using the nasal absorption.

13. Sanitizer:

Actually the sanitizer is not for the baby but for the visitors, friends or relatives. Almost all the people love to hold the baby in to their hands. In such cases, ask them to sanitize their hands(without any hesitation) before they approach the baby. Their are several viral diseases spread through hands. Don’t risk the baby’s life.

14. Thermometer:

Thermometer will really help you to tract the baby’s body temperature while you are traveling , you should be more health conscious. Infants cannot adjust to all the weather conditions as a result you may observe raise in body temperatures.

15. Baby toys:

Baby’s feel very interesting in playing with their toys like rattles. In some scenario the toys really help the moms even!!! What you heard is correct..let me explain.. many baby’s are very naughty and active they won’t allow their moms to change the diapers or clothes, in such cases you can engage the baby by giving them their favorite toy in their hands. So, in that way mom’s work becomes easier.

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