4 Fruits not to eat when Pregnant

Fruits not to Eat When Pregnant:

Pregnancy is a bundle of joy for a woman. A pregnant woman undergoes various challenges during her pregnancy. She should be very conscious about her nutritional requirements during her pregnancy. When you plan for healthy diet fruits and vegetables are on the top of list but, when you are pregnant you have some limitations. There are some fruits that are not to eat when pregnant. If you want to be healthy you should eat healthy. A healthy diet plan is required in order to fulfill the requirements of mother and the growing baby. What you eat during pregnancy will impact your health and your growing baby’s health.

It’s better to know which food is healthy during pregnancy and which food should be avoided during pregnancy. Doctors recommend every one to include fruits and vegetables to their diet. Even though fruits are healthy for everyone, but a pregnant woman should avoid some fruits.


There is a mixed opinion on the intake of pineapple during pregnancy. Some recommend the consumption of pineapple and some restrict its intake during pregnancy. The main reason to restrict a pineapple is, because it contains an enzyme called bromelain. Doctors strictly restrict the intake of bromelain during pregnancy because it thins the blood and reduce the clot formation. These enzymes can soften the cervix which could induce contraction in uterine that can result in miscarriage or premature labor. Some say that the pineapple has a very less content of bromelain that too in the stem and core part it. Its better to get an opinion from your doctor or your health adviser before taking pineapple.

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Papaya is one of the fruits not to eat when pregnant:

Ripened Papayas are a good source of vitamin C, A, Calcium, Potassium, and Iron. Even with several health benefits it is not recommended to take papaya during pregnancy. If you are planning for pregnancy, avoid taking papaya. They contains concentrated form of latex that can induce the contraction in uterine that can result in miscarriage or premature labor. Some believe that it can shoot up the temperature in your body that is not good for you and your growing. A small quantity of ripen papayas may not harm you but you should completely avoid the raw papaya. Be cautious with the skin of the papaya. Take of the skin, remove all the seeds completely before having. If you have any further questions with you you can ask your doctor.

fruits to avoid during pregnancy papaya

Frozen and canned berries:

Any type of frozen and canned berries should not be in the diet of a pregnant women. They are processed with heavy amount of preservatives in them. Artificial colors are also added along with the huge amount of sugar while processing. Blueberries are rich in vitamin K when taken in large quantity they can cause bleeding. If you want to take berries then take them fresh its always better to ask your doctor before having.

canned berries during pregnancy

Grapes are in the list of fruits not to eat when pregnant:

Grapes contain Resveratrol, which is toxic and harmful for a pregnant women. It is not recommended to take grapes in the third trimester of a pregnant woman because they increase the temperature in the body which can cause bleeding and miscarriage. If you want to take them in your diet consult your doctor.

fruits not to eat when pregnant grapes


Avoid these fruits in your pregnancy diet plan

  1. Pineapple core, if you want to consume,then take in moderate quantity.
  2. You should restrict raw papayas. If you want, take ripen papayas by removing the skin and seeds completely.
  3. Grape skin should be avoided.
  4. Frozen berries contain chemical preservatives and added sugar its better to avoid in your diet plan.

If you have any queries you can ask your doctor.

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