7 Essentials For New Mom to be carried in a bag

7 Essentials for new mom to be carry in a bag:

The happiest and the lovable moments have arrived in your life. You should buy all the essentials for new mom because Soon you are going to welcome a little one in to your family. As every individual will plan better for the future needs.There are some essentials for new mom and some Essentials for newborn baby.Lets discuss some of the things which you need to pack in your diaper bag.Lets focus on some of the mothers needs.If you want the essentials of newborn baby see this article.

7 essentials for new mom

1. A diaper bag:

The diaper bag is made of soft fabric with many compartments to meet the needs of things like water bottle, feeding bottle, napkins and other. It is completely water proof and spill proof. You can lock the compartments using zips and buttons. This bag is provided with a shoulder strip which is used to hang easily on the shoulder. You can easily clean this bag using wipes.

2. Nursing tops:

The nursing tops are easily available in the stores, even they are available online. This nursing’s tops are made of soft fabric with a operable zip at the breast area, which makes the work easy while feeding the baby. Now-a-days nursing tops are available in different models for both the traditional wear and western wear.

3. Nursing pads:

Nursing pads are made of very soft absorbent material. They available in both disposable and reusable. The main purpose of this maternity pads is to clean or wipe the extra milk out of breast, mostly in first three months post delivery. They are also known as breast pads. If you are using reusable pads, then clean them daily to avoid any itching or irritation.

4. Maternity pads are one of the Essentials for new mom:

These are the pads used post pregnancy. Every women experiences heavy bleeding for couple of weeks post labor, which is three times more than the menstruation periods. So, the pads which we use during the normal period are not suitable and comfortable. This maternity pads are manufactured and designed in such way that they can hold for a at least four to five hours.

5. Breast feeding accessories:

Breast feeding is one of the beautiful experience for the mother. Its an extreme natural process. In the initial stage the mom should learn, how to feed the baby properly

Feeding pillow is one of the essentials for new mom:

This feeding pillow is the best thing which you really need in the initial stage. The design of it is in such a way that you can fix it around you and hold the baby easily on it. Mostly it gives the best back support, you can also rest your arm easily on it.

Feeding cover:

Feeding covers are most helpful while feeding. You cover the baby inside and feed them comfortably. Open feeding is not common in the public. Many mom’s worry to feed their babies in public. Now, with help of feeding cover you feed your baby in public or any social gatherings but under privacy. Their are many feeding covers are available in the stores. If you cannot find or afford them you can also use your duppatta, a blanket or a shall as a cover.

6. Breast pump:

There are two types of pumps available one is manual and the other is automatic. Manual pumps should be attached to the breast and operated manually which squeezes the milk from the breast to bottle. Along with this you can also get storage bags and bottles to store the milk in freezers.

7. Nursing bras:

Nursing bra’s in the postpartum is most useful. They are bit similar to a normal bra but with a easy pull out button when you need to feed your baby. The nursing bra’s can even hold the heavy breast effectively.

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