8 Things to plan before pregnancy

Things to plan before pregnancy:

We plan our day before we start it. We plan our visits and outings. As a responsible parent we should plan some things before pregnancy. Every one will take many precautions and steps to be successful in life. What should we do to welcome a new member to our family? Many couples just become pregnant. But some other will organize their predominant life events. Planning during pregnancy will bring down the risks during pregnancy, increase the chances of getting a healthy baby and secures the baby’s health in the future.

1. General health check up first thing to plan before pregnancy:

Talk to your best health care advisor before planning your pregnancy. Your doctor may take some tests to check your preconception health. Put all your medical conditions and affects to your doctors notice. If you have used any medication to avoid pregnancy before and now you are planning to have a baby. You may have a habit of smoking, taking any steroids or else drinking alcohol which you should completely avoid. Express all view and opinions to the doctor without any hesitation, not only the physical conditions but also your mental health and sexual health. The doctor is the only person can bring you out of the critical conditions.

general checkup before pregnancy

2. Break off using pills and drugs:

Taking pills without prescription is not advised prior and during pregnancy. It may cause fertility problems in both the couple. If you are taking pills in the past to avoid pregnancy, then stop the consumption of pills at least a month before planning your pregnancy. There are several illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis and other which cause serious complication in pregnancy.

taking pills before pregnancy

3. Begin taking vitamin supplements and folic acid:

If you are trying to become pregnant, then the supplement of folic acid (B vitamin), vitamins and iodine will really help you with good benefits. The regular intake of folic acid provides the best health of the growing baby. Many doctors prescribe folic acid pills at least a month before for the women who are planning to become pregnant. Iodine will help you with the brain development in the baby. Vitamin D supplements should be taken in order to felicitate proper bone growth. Ask your doctor for the supplements don’t take it by your own.

folic acid vitamin supplement

4. Plan to be fit:

Doing regular moderate exercise will increase the rate of fertility and benefits your pregnancy. Maintain your weight and concentrate on the diet. Taking a healthy diet will give you more benefits during pregnancy. There are many ways to be fit like gym, yoga, meditation and walking. You can choose any of the methods to be fit. You can also continue some moderate exercises even during pregnancy. It’s better to avoid high intense exercises that can cause miscarriage.

fit pregnancy

5. Break off caffeine intake:

Caffeine starts affecting your baby from the first day. It’s best to skip the consumption of foods included caffeine like coffee, chocolates and other. The limit of 200mg per day may be acceptable. It has proven that too much consumption of caffeine may increase the risk of causing miscarriage and it affects the development of the baby. Doctors suggests for both the couple to avoid taking caffeine. If you take one or two cups of coffee every day then it will not effect you. Not only coffee you should also avoid some carbonated soft drink beverages that contains high caffeine before planning pregnancy.

caffine intake

6. Avoid smoking:

Habit of smoking should be completely restricted for both the couple who wants to be pregnant. It affects the health of your baby and there are several chances of causing miscarriage. If you cannot stop smoking contact any rehabilitation treatment center. If your partner has the habit of smoking, try to convince him to stop smoking because inhaling the smoke is also harmful. Smoking will also affect rate the fertility in the couple. If you stop smoking and stay healthy their are many chances to be conceived.

cigerate smoking before pregnancy

7. Plan Avoiding alcohol before pregnancy:

If you have a habit of drinking alcohol frequently, then here the time has come to stop your alcoholism. Alcohol has the strength to reduce the rate of fertility in both men and women. Drinking alcohol may cause many complications like affects the brain development in the baby, premature birth and other. If you are really alcoholic its very hard to stay away from it, but it’s for the sake of your baby. Take the help of some treatments to get off from it.

drinking alcohol before pregnancy

8. Proper diet to stay healthy is an easy thing to plan before pregnancy:

Have a tract of the food intake and healthy food habits will make your pregnancy happy. Every mother should know about the foods to consume and foods to avoid before planning their diet. Add some fruits, nuts, grains and veggies in your diet. It’s better to include some milk along with some low fat dairy products like yogurt low fat cheese into diet plan. Avoid taking raw meat and raw or unpasteurized milk it can harm you and your baby. Your proper diet will help your baby in the belly in the future. Plan a diet that can fulfill all your nutrition requirements you can also take the help of your dietitian.

healthy food

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