Avoid This Physical work during Pregnancy

Most of the women wants to continue their physical work during pregnancy. They need to face many challenges to maintain work and health. Pregnancy is a stage where the women experience many symptoms (symptoms during pregnancy) like nausea, vomiting, headache and other.

In the early stages of pregnancy its very challenging to work, as they enter into 2nd trimester they may feel more comfortable to work. Finally, when they step-in to the third trimester, they will come across the challenges like weight gain, growing belly and back pain.

Can I do my household tasks during pregnancy?

Yup!! you can safely perform all your household tasks expect some. You should maintain the balance between resting and working which makes your pregnancy happy and healthy.

What are the physical work to be avoided during pregnancy?

The following are the few conditions which may increase the risk in your pregnancy. If you are performing these activities in at your work space, inform prior to doctor’s notice. So that you can together discuss and take necessary precautions.

1. Avoid standing for long time:

Its good to avoid standing for long time. Due the weight gain during pregnancy, the mother may feel stress in legs and body if they are standing for long time. Suppose if you are traveling in train or bus without seat then take the help of you co-passengers, when you visit supermarket for groceries you have to wait a long time for billing, inform the billing executive that you are pregnant and to process the bill as soon as possible.

physical work during pregnancy queue

2. Avoid lifting/carrying heavy weights:

Tasks that involve lifting heavy loads like moving furniture, carrying heavy luggage while traveling should be completely avoided. Carrying heavy loads may cause premature labor and high blood pressure. It also risks the baby’s potential.

physical work during pregnancy lifting

3. Climbing is one of the physical work that should be avoided during pregnancy:

Activities like climbing stairs very frequently, trekking or visiting any hilly area, climbing ladders, stools or chairs for dusting the fans or changing curtains should be completely avoided during pregnancy. The weight gain in the pregnancy women may result to losing their balance due to the change in center of gravity.

physical work during pregnancy climbing

4. Avoid too much noise/volume:

The huge noisy places like crackers, pubs, restaurants and disco parties should be avoided during pregnancy.Huge sounds may disturb your baby. The human can tolerate the sound limit of 140 decibels. The general conversation will be 50-60 decibels, the fire crackers will begin from 80 decibels. The baby starts getting troubled at 70-80 decibels. Its advised to stay indoor and stay safe. In any uncertain conditions carry your earplugs to reduce the sound.

physical work during pregnancy loudnoise

5. Avoid contact with harmful substance in your physical work during pregnancy:

The insect killers and the toilet cleaners will contain toxic chemical in them. Though the fragrance is good, they are poisonous. Usage of such cleaners may cause harm to you and your baby. In any uncertain condition if you want to perform these tasks then follow these precautions wear mask, gloves and slippers. Wash your hands properly after cleaning.

Never stand close to the person smoking. The burnt tobacco smell inhaled will cause lung diseases which are really harmful for you and your baby.

If you are planing to paint your home. Its better to delay the schedule may be after the birth of the baby. The smell of paint may cause adverse affect for both mom and baby.

If you are feeling anything which is unusual like rashes on the skin, itching, dizziness or throat infection contact your doctor immediately.

6. Avoid Playing with pet cats:

Many women like cats as their pets. Its best to maintain distance with cats during pregnancy. Never risk to clean the cats litter because it contains Toxoplasma Gondi named parasite. This parasite is a serious threat to both the mother and the baby. Its better to handover the cleaning task to some other person in the family.


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