Baby Food Recipes For 6 Months old Infants

Baby Food Recipes for 6 months old baby:

Cooking the home-made and healthy baby food is not easy. There are many healthy baby food recipes for 6 months old baby, which will enhance the baby’s growth and development. To meet the food requirements and provide sufficient nutrients to your baby’s food, you should perform multi-tasks likely a food expert, a dietician and a chef to make healthy baby food recipes. Never buy baby food from private stores because they add some ingredients to preserve the food for a long time. These preservatives will reduce all the vitamins and nutrients from the food. Hence they are not recommended.

baby eating vegetable puree


Baby food making will not consume more time. They should be just cooked and mashed. Here is the list of recipes which can be made in a short time with more benefits.

Fruit Purees:

1. Mango:

Mango puree is one of the easiest and fastest recipes. Take a mango and peel it off, extract all the mango pulp and sieve or blend it into a thick paste. Your mango puree id ready to serve.

2. Avocado:

Take an avocado cut and remove the seed from it. Now with the help of spoon scratch the fruity part into a bowl. Mash it finely by adding milk and make it into a thick paste. That’s it, and your avocado puree is ready.

Avocado contains fiber, potassium, iron and vitamin E.

food recipes for 6 months old baby


3. Banana:

Take a banana and peel it off. Slice the banana into a bowl. Mash the banana pieces finely with spoon or masher. Banana puree is ready to serve.

Babies love eating banana puree as it is very sweet and easy to swallow. Bananas are rich with fiber and potassium.

4. Apple:

Take an apple and steam or cook the apple in a pressure cooker for two whistles. Let the apple cool down and peel it off. Slice the peeled apple in a bowl. You can easily mash them with the help of a spoon or masher without lumps. Alternatively, you might blend them in a blender. Your apple puree is ready to serve.

Vegetable Purees:

1. Carrot:

Take two small carrots, wash and peel it properly. Cut the carrot into cubes. Now add a cup of water and carrot cubes in a pressure cooker. Cook them for two-three whistles. Strain out the water. Then mash or blend them finely into a thick paste. Add milk according to your requirement.

carrot puree for 6 months old baby

2. Pea:

Take peas according to the requirement. Boil the water in a pan and add peas to it. Let the peas boil for 15-20 minutes. Strain out the water and peel them (Hold a pea between your fingers and apply little pressure on it. It will be easily peeled). Now blend them finely by adding small portions of milk (breast milk or formulated milk) and make it into a thick paste.

food recepies for 6 months old baby

Peas are a bonanza of nutrients, vitamins, calcium, iron and protein. Feeding pea puree is more beneficial for the babies growth.

3. Sweet potato:

Take a medium-sized sweet potato, wash it properly and cut it into 3 to 4 large cubes. Now boil these cubes in a pressure cooker for two whistles. Strain the water out and peel the skin, then mash the cubes finely with the help of a masher or spoon. You can also add milk to make it fine and swallow-able.

4. Sweet pumpkin:

Take a small portion of the sweet pumpkin ( pumpkins are available in different sizes. Prefer the portion according to the requirement of the baby). Peel and remove the seeds from the pumpkin. Dice the pumpkin into pieces. Steam or boil the pumpkin pieces by adding a cup of water. Let it cool down, now mash them finely in to paste.

5. Potato:

Take a medium-size potato. Wash the potato properly. Cut the potato into two equal portions. Steam or cook the potato in a pressure cooker for two whistles. Take out the potato from the cooker and let it cool down. Peel the potato off because it is easy to peel the potato after cooking. Now mash them properly without lumps and add milk (breast milk or formulated milk) to make it a thick paste.

Tips to be remembered while making and feeding baby food recipes:

  • Don’t feed in a silent mode. Your baby should feel attracted and attentive towards the food. Start communicating with the baby while feeding.
  • Feed a little for the first time, likely two or three tablespoons if you are trying any recipe for the first time.
  • Don’t feed in an overdose. If the baby turns head away from the food, understand that the little tummy might be full.
  • Feed-in tiny portions, because the baby’s mouth is small and cannot swallow large portions at a time.
  • Be slow while feeding. Never feed the food in a hurry. Make sure the baby swallow the food entirely then go for the other spoon.
  • Be on time. Never delay the food for a long time or feed too early.
  • If you observe any allergies after the feed or if the baby vomits or the spits the food. Stop feeding immediately.
  • If you look out any allergies, frequent vomiting or sickness in the baby. Immediately meet the pediatrician.
  • Do not add artificial sugars to the babies food.
  • Wash the vegetables or fruits well before cooking.
  • Try to avoid the food preserved in the freezer for more than a day.

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