Drinking Milk during pregnancy

Drinking Milk during pregnancy:

When you are pregnant your aim should be to take all the healthy things and foods to fulfill the nutrition requirements of you and your growing baby. Your Nutrition is incomplete without drinking milk during pregnancy. Milk is one of such foods that you cant avoid. Milk is often called as natures health drink. It has all the essential nutrients along with the calcium which makes your bones stronger during pregnancy. You should have at least one glass of milk in your diet every day during pregnancy.

drinking milk during pregnancy

Is it good to have milk during pregnancy?

Well there is a lot of mixed opinions about consumption of milk during pregnancy. But no one can deny the health benefits that milk has.Choose the low fat milk that is very effective in you and your baby development during pregnancy.Milk has Calcium ,vitamin D, Essential Fatty Acids and Protein that helps your baby to grow stronger and have healthy birth weight.

Benefits of drinking milk during pregnancy:

Stronger Bones:

Milk has enough calcium that can make your bones strong. A pregnant women need 1000 to 1300 milligrams of calcium every day, taking milk every day will meet some of your calcium requirements.You should take enough calcium in your diet that helps your baby to grow tall. Along with milk you should also take the other calcium supplements that is recommended by Doctor or your health adviser.

Baby’s Growth In Womb:

Milk and Dairy product have Calcium, Vitamin D , Protein and other vitamins like vitamin B which helps in transporting oxygen to your growing baby.

Natural Antacid:

When you reach your Third Trimester in your pregnancy you may be facing frequent heart burns. Having a glass of milk will prevent you from heart burns because Milk acts as natural antacid. Milk and yogurt are alkaline in nature that can neutralize the acids that are produced in your stomach. Take a glass of milk when you have heart burns during third trimester of your pregnancy.

Brain Growth of your baby:

Apart from calcium and vitamins Milk also has iodine that helps in the development of the brain of your baby including a glass of milk in your diet can increase your baby’s IQ.

How much Milk you need to take during pregnancy?

You can consume one glass or two glasses of milk every day to fulfill your Calcium and vitamin D need of you and your baby.You can take it as normal milk or add some flavors to milk to make it more enjoyable or include low fat dairy products of milk into your diet.

How to drink milk during pregnancy?

Try to avoid raw or unpasteurized milk during pregnancy which is not good for you and your baby.Add milk to some fruits or make milk shakes to make it more delicious.

Precautions and Tips:

  1. Drinking of the raw or unpasteurized milk is unhealthy for your baby.
  2. Raw milk or Unpasteurized Milk carries microbes in it which increases the risk of Listeriosis which can be dangerous for your baby.
  3. When Milk is pasteurized it is heated to high temperatures which kills the microbes so always take the pasteurized milk for drinking.
  4. Avoid the cheese products and other dairy products that are made with unpasteurized milk.
  5. Drinking milk during pregnancy is good but over consumption of milk can lead to indigestion.

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