Symptoms of Pregnancy: Early Signs of Pregnancy

want to know about Early signs of pregnancy.Are you excited if you might be pregnant? .The easiest thing is to go for a pregnancy test at home. Prior to that, have a glace at the few of the symptoms of pregnancy.



1. Missed period :Most Common Early Sign of pregnancy

The first and foremost symptom of pregnancy and the one that prompts most women to get a pregnancy test is a missed period. But not all the delayed periods are caused by pregnancy. There are some reasons besides this first early signs of pregnancy it might cause because you lost or gained too much weight, stress, fatigue, hormonal problems are other consider missed period as best signs of pregnancy

2. Cramp:

In the early pregnancy, woman may undergo light or mild cramping. These cramps will be same as the light cramps you get during your period. But the cramp will be in the lower back or lower stomach.After Ovulation (about 6 to 10 days). you may observe pink, red or brown discharge at the time you expect your period, which is called implantation bleeding. It is caused due to the fertilized egg settling in the lining of the womb.

3. Frequent urination:

Pregnant women might find urinating more often than usual.The blood level in the body increases due to pregnancy, which causes the kidneys to function more than usual. Therefore you may find yourself running to the bathroom more frequently at this stage.

4. Breast tenderness:

The most observed physical sign of pregnancy is breast tenderness. This happens due to the rapid hormonal changes after conception. Due to this the women may observe breast swelling, sore and tight for week or later. Sometimes it feels heavier and tender to hold. The around the nipples (aureola) may be darken this can be taken as early signs of pregnancy.


This tiredness is not like ordinary tiredness, you may not have experienced before. you may feel completely worn out after the daily activities. At this stage, the only task you should perform is to take sufficient rest.


6. Morning sickness (Nausea):

Morning sickness is mostly observed in the 12th or 13th week of the pregnancy.The reason for the morning sickness cannot be detailed exactly. It may be due to Nausea,hormonal changes, food aversions and craving. At this stage the pregnant women can’t stand, looks so tired and feel starving at any time. This symptom is not common for all the pregnant women.

7. Fatigue:

Fatigue is nothing but the extreme tiredness caused by the repeated variations of stress. pregnancy women feel fatigue because the amount of energy produced should be distributed among the baby and the mother. The other changes like physical changes,low energy levels,hormonal changes,raise in the levels of progesterone and estrogen.

8. Vaginal discharge is a early sign of pregnancy:

A thick white colored discharge from the vagina as the walls of vagina are thicken. This is not common with all the pregnant women. Sometimes the mother may experience odor,burning and itching at the vagina, this is due to uneven hydration levels or stopping the urination for longer time. If it is beyond the normal levels please contact your health care advisor.

9. Mood swings:

Mood swings are also known as shifts in mood. The hormonal imbalance and the high consumption of estrogen levels may cause mood swings. The ups and downs in the daily routine life and the new changes happening in the pregnancy shall cause mood swings.

10. Abdominal enlargement:

Every women feel delighted with this change.The mother may feel a little popping at the abdomen due to the amniotic fluid builds around the baby, which makes her feel positive and builds mental strength.

11. vomiting and diarrhea:

the pregnant women often feels constipation, vomiting and diarrhea due to the hormonal changes which effects on the digestive system. At this stage the mother may not be comfortable with some food odor also known as Aversion to some foods.

12. Lower back pain is a common sign of pregnancy:

In the early stages of pregnancy it is common to get backache. The body alignments during pregnancy changes due to the formation of the fetus and stretch. This builds a load on the pelvis and lower back, results in lower back pain.

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