Effects of Insect Bite During Pregnancy

Insect bite during pregnancy:

Some insect bites can transmit harmful diseases. Insect bite during pregnancy might be harmless but in some rare situations, they may affect the health of mother and baby. Diseases from the mosquito bite may transfer from mother to baby, which leads to issues during pregnancy.

insect bite during pregnancy

Most of the diseases are transmitted through mosquitoes mostly malaria and dengue. Mosquitoes breed in the dark and less ventilated moist places. There are few other bugs like ticks, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, bees and lice, though they are not harmful but their bite is painful and disturbs.

Symptoms of the insect bite will leave the impression of the swollen lump with redness on the skin. The victim feels pain and starts itching after the bite. Some of them may have an allergic reaction which lasts for a few hours, days and sometimes they last long. If you are pregnant and observe any type of allergic reaction like breathing difficulty, dizziness, feeling sick, fast heartbeat, more sweating or any swollen part on the skin, immediately consult the doctor and take the necessary treatment.

Use of insect bite repellent during pregnancy:

Mosquito repellents are available in many forms like sprays, oils, creams and lotions. They are usually made of oils, tars and other plant extracts which may be poisonous for the pregnant women. Avoid the usage of mosquito repellents, the regular usage of mosquito repellent may lead to miscarriage, low birth weight and premature baby. It is advised to use the mosquito repellents made of natural ingredients at home.

effects of insect bite during pregnancy

How to make insect bite repellent at home in pregnancy?

1. Lemon and cloves repellent:

Take a large size lemon and cut it into two or three equal halves. Now take some cloves and penetrate them into the lemon. Place this lemon at the doors and windows. The strong scent released from the lemon and cloves will repel the mosquitoes.

2. Garlic repellent:

Take a water bottle with water, garlic cloves and a toothpick. Take a toothpick, penetrate cloves into it. Fill the bottle with water until the garlic cloves touch the water level and place the toothpick with garlic cloves on the bottle. Now the mosquito repellent is ready to drive the mosquitoes away.

3. Bay leaf repellent:

Take a bay leaf and burn the bay leaf in the closed room. The smoke released will repel the mosquito.

4. Camphor repellent:

Take a waste metal plate and burn the camphor inside the room and close it for 15-20 minutes. The smoke released from the burnt camphor has the capacity to kill mosquitoes.

What should we do after the insect bite during pregnancy?

  • If you have bitten by the bee. First, remove the sting as soon as possible.
  • Cleanse the infected area with soap and warm water.
  • Use ice pack or cloth dipped in the cold water on the infected area.
  • Don’t scratch the infected area with fingernails, which increases the infection.
  • Do not apply any un-prescribed ointment on the infected area.

Safety precautions to avoid insect bite during pregnancy:

  • Fit the doors and windows very firmly. Try to seal all the holes of the home, which may be an easy passage to the mosquitoes.
  • Fix the mosquito nets to the ventilators.
  • Avoid wearing bright colored clothes, because the mosquitoes are likely attracted. Always prefer light-colored clothes.
  • Cover your body completely by wearing long sleeves and pants.
  • Mosquitoes like to stay in the dark places and corners. Avoid staying outdoors in evenings and nights.
  • Cover all the water stored containers, water passages, flower pot saucers, dust bins and the drainage system because the water acts as a medium for the mosquitoes breeding.
  • Use non-toxic mosquito repellent when you are at outdoors.
  • Use the insect repellent prescribed by the doctor.
  • ¬†Avoid the usage of strong odor scents, deodorants, perfumes and soaps. The strong odor may attract insects.
  • Use mosquito nets around the bed.
  • Pot some medicinal plants like lemongrass and rosemary around the home, which repels them.

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