Exercise During Pregnancy for normal delivery

Exercise during pregnancy is good for you and your baby’s health.It will help you to improve your mental and physical ability.You may be going through some early symptoms of pregnancy like back aches, your ankles are swollen you may not be able to sleep properly.You can get out of these with some simple exercises but very effective in relieving your aches.

Workout during pregnancy has lots of benefits for you and your growing baby it helps you to maintain your weight and B M I


Is Exercise during pregnancy good for every pregnant women?

No, Exercise is not suitable for every women. Every individual women has different positions of baby during pregnancy depending upon their positions it is advised. So please contact your health advisor before starting your go for workout

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy:

The ACOG(American college of obstetricians and gynecologists) suggests pregnant women to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day during pregnancy.Three are many benefits of exercise during which will help you to be healthy all the day with out any tiredness.

Active all the day with exercise during pregnancy you can be active all the day. you can easily get out of the tiredness that is due to pregnancy.There is good chance of gaining weight in pre , post pregnancy but with daily workout you can easily maintain your weight by reducing fat.

Exercises that are advised during pregnancy

The best exercises advised for pregnant women are


Swimming is the perfect exercise during pregnancy by swimming in pool you can easily maintain your weight which will keep you and your baby healthy. By swimming in pool can relive your nautia and other aches, because you feel lighter in water but be cautious while walking at wet pool sides.


Walking is another great workout which does not need any equipment or gym you can go for a simple walk daily you can continue walking during pregnancy daily till delivery.

Stair Climbing:

Depending on the position of the baby you can take stairs instead of elevator but as the time progress you will find it hard to walk and climb.


Simple group dancing and aerobic class will help you to maintain you weight during pregnancy.The more you dance the good it is for your body.


In early pregnancy you can continue indoor cycling in the gym.You can do cycling as long as you feel exhausted. It is recommended to ride stationary bikes rather than regular bike on road.By riding stationary bike there is less chance of falling from bike.

Exercises that are to be avoided during pregnancy

It is advisable to pregnant women to avoid high intense workouts like

– Jumping
– Bouncing
– Stretching with extra pressure
– Sudden movements
– Scuba diving
– Horse riding

Tips for exercise during pregnancy for normal delivery

  • Warm up before work out
  • walk in cool air conditioned room in hot day
  • wear loose clothes when workout
  • drink plenty of water
  • skip your exercise if you are sick
  • continue at least 30 minutes work out
  • don’t loose over weight before pregnancy with intense workout
  • if you are new to gym or work out then always its better to start slowly

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