How to Bathe A Newborn Baby: Baby Bath Tips

Newborn Baby Bath:

As a new mother there are many new duties that you should look after. Bathing your newborn is one such duty that you should do. When the baby is born, you will be covering your baby with good care. So its not required to give a bath to your newborn baby every day. Bathing twice or thrice a week will be good enough to keep your baby clean. When first the baby is born you will give a sponge bath until his umbilical cord heals. After the umbilical heals you give him a tub bath.

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Bathing a newborn baby is a joy for a mother and a baby, it will increase the bond between them. Bathing will keep your baby clean and induce him a good sleep.

Some Questions regarding Newborn Baby bath:

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Is Soap required?

Regular soaps which you use may be harsh on your baby’s skin. Use a mild baby soap or a baby wash to clean your babies body with gentle effort.

What should be the waters temperature?

When you are bathing your baby its important to check the waters temperature before bathing. The water should be lukewarm or warm. You may be using hot water in your bath but it will effect your baby’s skin. A temperature of 38°C to 39° C will be good for bathing a newborn. You can check the temperature by using a bath thermometer or you can also check by using your elbow to feel the warmth. If the temperature of the water is above 48°C then it can effect your baby’s skin.

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Can I Use Cold water for newborn baby bath?

Using cold water to bathe a baby is not encouraged because it can cause some breathing issues and cold to your baby. Its important to use water under a temperature of 38°C to 39°C to bathe your baby.

How often I should give my baby a bath?

After the healing of the umbilical cord you can bathe your baby twice or thrice a week. Its not important to give him bath every day, but clean the diaper area when ever you change his diaper gently.

Is it enough to clean with water?

Many mothers don’t use any soap or cleanser while bathing their newborns. They are afraid of the chemicals that are used in manufacturing of the soap and cleanser. Its not enough to give water bath alone. There are some fat soluble impurities that are on your baby’s body, they should be clean with a mild soap or a newborn cleanser.

How to Clean baby Scalp?

You can use mild newborn baby shampoo to clean your baby’s scalp. If you observers some dryness in scalp after bath, apply some baby oil to his scalp with gentle hands and leave it till next bath.

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Tips for Newborn baby bath:

  • Be care full while providing support to your baby’s neck and head because you should provide support to his neck and head for some months.
  • Don’t use ordinary soaps because they can cause them irritation.
  • Use Baby cleanser or mild baby soap to clean your baby.
  • Bring All the essential things that are useful while giving a bath to your baby.
  • Don’t use too many products on your baby.
  • Never leave your baby alone in water. Your baby should always be super visioned by you or your elders.
  • While bathing your newborn turn your mobile phone off and keep it aside because it can distract your attention.
  • Its better to avoid giving bath to your baby when your baby is hungry or after his feed.
  • Don’t use clod water or hot water to bathe. Always use lukewarm or warm water for bathing.
  • If your baby screams while taking bath, the water may be hot or cold check the temperature of the water.
  • If you are wearing any jewellery or watch, take them off they can hurt your baby.
  • Ask your doctor to recommend some baby products.
  • If its first pregnancy ask for help from your parents or elders if you are not aware of holding newborns.
  • Clean the genitals of your baby with gentle cloth or cotton.


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