How To Calm Down A Crying Baby? Soothing Tips

How to soothe a crying baby?

The baby cry continuously will make the mother feels exhausted. If you are a first-time mother, you might be confused, as you are not aware of, how to calm down a crying baby? You can seek advice from experienced mothers. There are many techniques to comfort a crying baby. First, you have to analyze Why my baby is crying? Then you can sort out the remedy to calm the baby. Experts say that a newborn cries or feels fussy for at least two to three hours in a whole day. Here are some techniques to soothe or calm your baby.

calm down a crying baby


Swaddling to soothe a crying baby:

Swaddling is considered the best way to calm down a crying baby because the swaddling gives an impression of the mother’s womb to the baby. Take a soft swaddle or any blanket and swaddle the baby. Never swaddle the baby without proper knowledge of swaddling. Take help from any of the experienced mothers or the nurse. The baby sleeps for a longer time in a swaddle compared to the normal.

swaddling baby

Hold in arms:

Babies love the touch and scent of their mothers, and they feel very safe and secure. So, try taking the baby into your arms and slowly rub them gently on their back. Start communicating with them in a low voice. The baby might be missing your presence.

holding baby in arms to soothe

Offer a massage:

Massaging is a great way to soothe a crying baby. You can start a massaging trail with oil or lotion(use the cream or oil, which reacts very gentle on the baby’s skin). If the baby calms down, then go on massaging, or the crying is getting still louder, then stop the massage and wipe the body off.

massage a crying baby

Provide sucking for a crying baby:

Babies have the habit of sucking their thumb or any finger. Though the tummy is full, they have an urge to suck. Usually, they start doing this activity in the womb. Try providing their finger or yours. Some mothers use honey nipples to soothe their babies. Avoid giving honey nipples to the baby. Using honey nipples may cause infections, and secondly, honey should not be given to babies below one year. Usage of honey may lead to Botulism. If your baby has the habit of honey nipples, then avoid giving nipples from now because it’s tough to get rid of.

Sing lullabies:

You can also try singing lullabies or songs to calm your baby. However, you are not a professional singer, not a problem. Your baby is not going to judge you. When you sing, the baby gets alert by hearing your voice and feel comfortable. Never feel hesitant; if you are not aware of lyrics, then just hum the tune.

Take a walk with the baby:

The baby might be bored by lying down in the same room. Taking the baby out for some time may calm down crying. Start spending some time on an outdoor walk. You can carry the baby in the baby carry bag or a trolley. Secure the baby correctly in the bag or trolley. Everything the outdoors makes the baby feel interesting and surprised.

Offer a swing:

Some babies have a habit of swinging in the swings, cradles, or bouncing in the bouncers. When the baby is overwhelming crying, try placing them in the swing or bouncer to which they are used. Read all the safety-related notes carefully because the bouncers or swings are manufactured with the weight limit.

calm down crying baby by swinging

Offer a tub bath:

A water bath will really help in soothing the baby. It makes the baby feel fresh and comfortable. The baby might be feeling suffocated due to the outfit or less ventilation inside the room. Try giving a warm water bath.

calm down a crying baby by bathing

Make white noise:

White noise is nothing but a combination of sound and air at a time like Shhhhhhhhhhh. When you make this noise, the baby starts feeling as if in the womb and calms down. Make the baby rest on your shoulder and make white noise by patting gently on their back.

Rest the baby on your chest:

This tip might help you in soothing your baby. Turn off all the noises around you, take the baby in your arms and try to rest one of the baby’s ears on your chest. Hold the baby firmly with both hands. The sound of the heartbeat may give the feel of the womb. Hence the baby may settle down.

Use the colic medicine:

If you have tried all the above tips and failed, then try this finally. Take the prescribed medicine for colic from the pediatrician. The baby might be feeling pain in the stomach due to the indigestion. You may be forgotten in burping your baby. Then the colic medicine might help you in relieving the pain.

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