How to Ease Discomforts During Pregnancy

How to Ease discomforts during pregnancy:

Becoming mother is not an easy task. It is a package of complications, but there are some methods to ease discomforts during pregnancy. A mother or a women will ignore all of them because she gonna get a baby in return. They face many challenges to give birth to a baby. In every stage of pregnancy there are added complications.

First trimester complications:

In First trimester of your pregnancy you will be facing breast tenderness, skin changes, morning sickness, frequent urination, fatigue, backache, headache, ligament pain, mood swings, bleeding gums and irritations

Second trimester complications:

Skin changes, constipation, dizziness, heartburn, backache, weight gain, leg cramps, stuffy nose, increased vaginal discharge, depression, increased sensitivity, changing body image and ligament pain are some complications that you will be facing in the second trimester of your pregnancy.

Third trimester complications:

Heart burn, weight gain, skin changes, frequent urination, hip pain, headache, constipation, swollen ankles, leg cramps, bleeding gums, increase in vaginal discharge, mood swings, depression and anxiety are some of the complications that you will be facing in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Here in this article we gonna know some remedies or tips to ease the discomforts during pregnancy.

1. Ligament pain:

This pain is felt around the uterus due to the growth in the uterus like stretching and pulling. It may come while changing positions, cough, sneeze and laugh. This round ligament pain lasts for only few seconds.


Avoid standing for long time, If you feel pain in any position then change your position slowly, exercise daily, don’t lift heavy weights and for instant relief try taking a warm bath.

2. Back pain is one of the discomforts during pregnancy:

Growing in belly size and weight gain will affect the balance and center of gravity which leads to back pain and strain the body muscles.

discomforts during pregnancy backpain


Be alert with your body posture while sitting and standing, do not sit in the same position for along time, take frequent walk after resting or sitting for along time, try a support belt suggested during pregnancy, don’t lift anything which is heavy, don’t strain yourself for a complete day try resting your back for a while.

3. Bloating and Constipation:

During pregnancy the process of food digestion will be very slow in-order-to grasp all the nutrients present in the food you consumed. As the size of your uterus grows, it loads stress on the intestines which results in bloating and constipation.

discomforts during pregnancy constipation


consume the rich fiber contained food, drink fruit juices frequently, hydrate your body with many glasses of water, Exercise daily, avoid using constipation free medicines or enemas which may cause risk.

4. Swollen veins:

Swollen veins are aka Hemorrhoids commonly seen on the outside the rectum. They will result in burning, itching and even bleeding sometimes. This is mostly observed in the third trimester as the weight of belly puts pressure on the veins. Usually this swollen veins may disappear after the baby is born.


Take a walk frequently, eat and drink fiber rich foods, avoid constipation, don’t sit or stand for a long time, don’t use any medicine without your doctors notice, if the Hemorrhoids are troubling you a lot ask your doctors help.

5. Headache:

Many pregnant women may have headache due to the stress, hormonal changes, low blood sugar.

headache during pregnancy period


Take enough sleep and rest, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, don’t consume caffeine contained drinks or foods, Take a warm water bath for relaxation, practice meditation for stress relief, consult the doctor if your headache is unbearable.

6. Indigestion and Heartburn:

The symptom of heartburn may start in the second and third trimester. As the increase in weight and growing belly puts the pressure on the stomach which result in heartburn and indigestion.

discomforts during pregnancy indigestion


Try taking short meals at least five meals a day, take your dinner at least two hours before sleep, drink plenty of water, Eat less spicy foods, Don’t lay flat on your back.

7. Frequent Urination:

The function of your kidneys work more efficiently as you frequently hydrate your body. Your growing uterus adds pressure on your bladder which results in frequent urination.

discomforts during pregnancy period


Don’t hold your urine, drink plenty of water, don’t use tight elastics on your belly.

8. vomiting and nausea:

Nausea and vomiting is mostly felt in the mornings. So, its aka morning sickness. This morning sickness will be more effective in the first trimester but few women experience it for the whole pregnancy. This is caused due to hormonal changes.

Remedies to ease discomforts during pregnancy:

Spend some time on bed before waking up and standing, have some snack on your bed and startup your day, Take several short meals, consume less oily foods, prefer the food with high protein and nutrients, avoid the odors and foods which are not felt comfortable, hydrate your body after vomiting, Take enough rest, request your doctor to prescribe a medicine for nausea.

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