Best Sleeping positions during pregnancy

Sleeping positions during pregnancy:

You may experience variety of changes which disturbs your sleeping positions during pregnancy.At the stage of first trimester you may not feel discomfort in sleeping positions but when your tummy pop’s up from second or third trimester you may end up with the quires like, which position is best for sleeping.Every pregnant women needs 8-10 hours of sleep everyday and they need to rest for 2hours minimum in daily routine. Every mother should focus on her sleeping positions, which gonna be a huge task. The sleeping positions during pregnancy of the mother will facilitates the favorable blood flow to the baby. Moreover, you may be in trails in using some pillows to make your sleeping position comfortable. Resting positions that need to be followed and avoided are addressed in this article.


1. Sleeping on Stomach till first trimester during pregnancy :

Almost all the women have this query that, Can we sleep on our tummy during pregnancy?…The answer is big YES(only till first trimester)!!! if you are comfortable sleeping on your stomach then you can continue it till first trimester or till week 16 of your pregnancy.once you reach second and third trimester many doctors recommend you to avoid this sleeping position during pregnancy.If you want to sleep in this position then you can purchase stomach sleeping pillows for extra comfort.

2. Sleeping on back during pregnancy:

if you have a habit of sleeping on your back, you should try  to change that sleeping positions.many health advisors don’t permit sleeping on back during pregnancy at least during second and third trimester because, when you sleep on your back the growing weight of your baby  and your weight will be on the back which will increase pressure on your vena cava, the vein that carry blood from heart to lower parts of your body.It is recommended to avoid this sleeping position during pregnancy.

3. Sleeping on Left Side:

During pregnancy many doctors advice this sleeping position .It is the Ideal sleeping position during pregnancy.sleeping on left side will reduce the pressure on venacava, the vein that carry blood from heart to lower body sleeping on left side will be optimal for proper blood flow during pregnancy.

4. Sleeping on Right Side:

If you wish to sleep on your right side then you can sleep because Doctors advise both sides sleeping.It is not necessary to sleep only on left side,but add some comfortable caution while sleeping.


You may also come across the challenges like lack of sleep, short breaths, indigestion which results in heartburn, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, increase of abdominal size, head ache and other. An awesome thing is that these challenges will be vanish once you take your baby in your arms :)……

Trimester wise pregnancy Sleeping positions:

Sleeping position during First trimester of pregnancy:

sleeping position in any direction may be comfortable during the early stage of pregnancy and first trimester. But as your weeks counts up you should finalist your best sleeping position. Just try some tips of placing the pillow in between legs or under the legs. At some position you may feel relaxed at your hips and back.

Sleeping position during second trimester of pregnancy:

During the second trimester you can observe that your belly is popping up gradually. Make sure that the bed you use should not be too tough and hard. Its best to prefer soft mattress rather than spring compression beds.There are some new arrivals of pregnancy pillows into the market which comes in different shapes like C or U or O to meet your comfort needs.

Sleeping position during third trimester of pregnancy:

In the third trimester your belly is most probably popped up. You may be feeling the kicks and movements of
your baby. By this time your favorite position to sleep is almost done. The usage of pillow may not provide
you the complete comfort, but gives you good support. Use wedge pillows to rest on your back, a soft
medium size cushion under your belly when you turn on sides.

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