How to test Pregnancy at Home

How to take a pregnancy test at home:

Every women dreams to become a mother. Its a special bond of affection or love for the baby. You may be very anxious to know whether you are pregnant or not by taking a easy pregnancy test at home. Now-a-days their are many special pregnancy kits available in the local pharmacy’s to test pregnancy. But, many women wants to take the pregnancy test at home in private than public. In the ancient days people used to check the pregnancy by using the natural things available at home. In those methods some of them may be accurate. The other way of checking pregnancy is to take a blood test which will not be a private test.

pregnancy test

Apparatus needed for testing the pregnancy:

1. hand gloves
2. two unused disposal glasses(medium size)
3. a disposal spoon
4. a sample of your urine(the first urine after bed)

Here comes some of the natural things that are easily available at home to take pregnancy tests.

1. Pregnancy test using sugar :

Most of the people will have sugar at stock, because they feel that the day is incomplete without the coffee or tea. This is the easiest method of testing pregnancy. Take a table spoon of sugar in the disposal glass and pour the urine sample to it.
*If the sugar forming lumps in the urine then the result is positive( you are pregnant). Now You can call your doctor.
*If the sugar starts to dissolve in the urine the result is negative(better luck next time).

2. Pregnancy test using salt :

Every dish becomes taste less without salt. Take half a teaspoon of salt in a disposal glass and add the urine sample to it. This test takes 3-5 minutes of time.
*If you notice the foam or white clumps after 3minutes then the result is positive. You are pregnant you should contact your doctor.
*If their is no reaction, then you are tested negative.

3. Pregnancy test using baking soda:

Baking soda is used in most of the kitchens for making cakes and breads .In case if you are not using, it will be easily available in the provisional stores. Take half a tea spoon of baking soda in the disposable glass and add your urine sample to it.
*If you observe any fizz with bubbles then the result is positive.
*If the baking soda settles down without any reaction then its negative.

4. Pregnancy test using tooth paste:

Though the toothpaste is not available in the ancient days. This experiment is the modern one. Take two tablespoons a white color tooth paste in a disposal glass and add a tablespoon of urine to it and mix it properly with a disposal spoon.
*If the color of the toothpaste changes to blue, then the test is positive. You are pregnant.
*In case if their is no change, then the result is negative.

5. Test using soap:

You can also take your pregnancy test using soap. Take any kind of soap. Cut a piece of soap(size of an eraser) and add in a disposable glass.Pour two tablespoons of urine to it.
*If the soap starts to react with urine and produce foam with bubbles. Then the result is positive.
*If their is no reaction. Then the result is negative.

6. Test using vinegar:

Vinegar is mostly used in the street foods to add flavor to the dishes. Best to use white color vinegar.Take vinegar in a disposal glass and add urine to it.
*If you observe any color change in the solution,then the result is positive.
*If not then the result is negative.

7. Test using shampoo:

Any type of shampoo can be used for this test. This experiment is bit similar as soap test. Take a some equal quantity of shampoo and water in a disposal glass. Mix it very gently to avoid bubbles. If in case the bubbles are formed while mixing wait for a while and let the bubbles disappear. Now add the urine sample to it.
*If the shampoo starts to react and produce bubble then, the result is positive.
*If their is no reaction then the result is negative.

8. Pregnancy test using wheat:

Every Indian thali is incomplete without chapati, which is made using wheat flour. But, for this test you need wheat seeds. This test needs little patience. The rate of germination of wheat seeds is more quick in pregnant women’s urine than normal water. Take a disposal glass and pour half a glass of urine sample into it,now add some wheat seeds. Wait for couple of days
*If the seeds starts to germinate in couple of days, then the result is positive.
*If the seeds are not germinated, then the result is negative.

9. Pregnancy test using bleaching powder:

This is most easiest and quick result ingredient to test pregnancy. Take two pinches of bleaching powder in a disposal glass and add urine sample to it.
*If you see sudden frizzing of bubbles at once,then the result is positive.
*If there is no reaction , then the result is negative.

10. Pregnancy test using wine:

You can also use wine for testing your pregnancy. All that you need to do is take the sample of urine and the wine in equal quantity and mix them.
*If you observe any color changes of the wine.congratulations!! the result is positive.
*If their is no change, then the result is negative.

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