How to Travel during pregnancy

 Travel During Pregnancy:

When your pregnancy is confirmed you might be exited and worried about the changes that you should implement in your day to day life. Travel during pregnancy is one of such things that should be change. But don’t worry with proper precautions and information you can safely travel during pregnancy.

travelling in pregnancy

Is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

Yes, When you don’t have any complications in your pregnancy, its safe to travel but you should consult your doctor before traveling. Traveling is recommended only in certain period of your pregnancy. You should take any precautions that is advised by your doctor while traveling.

Airplane travel during pregnancy:

Air line traveling is not harmful to you and your baby. But it is safe during second trimester of your pregnancy. You can fly after week 12 of your pregnancy which will lower your risk of miscarriage. All airlines allow pregnant women till week 28, after week 28 some airline administration may ask you for a doctor’s note. Some of them let you to board till week 34 of your pregnancy.

plane travel during pregnancy
When you decide to go for long flights you should always choose the aisle seat for some extra room which allows you for stretching, for every 30 minutes get up from your seat and take a walk. Don’t eat unhealthy food during your flight and drink plenty of water.

Train Travel during pregnancy:

Its safe for you to travel by train in second trimester of pregnancy. But Select your seat wisely, take a lower berth or a seat which is near to washroom that provides you easy access to it. Drink plenty of water don’t eat unhealthy food in your journey.

Car traveling:

If you have decided to travel in car, avoid long journeys try to travel less than 5 to 6 hours in a day. Wear a seat belt while traveling even it may be a back seat wear your seat belt. Wear loose fitted clothes while travel, take frequent breaks while traveling allow free circulation of air in your car.

Bike or two wheeler:

Its not recommended to travel on bike in pregnancy because there is a high risk of miscarriage while traveling. If you are traveling on bike be conscious at bumps and huddles on road.

When to travel?

If you have a healthy pregnancy the best time to travel is during second trimester of pregnancy because there is low risk of miscarriage.In first trimester of pregnancy you may be facing some symptoms like nausea and don’t like to travel and there is a high risk of miscarriage during this period.

If You Plan to Plane Travel all air lines allows pregnant women to board flights till 28 weeks some of them will allow till week 34 with a proper doctor’s note.Its not recommended to travel in the third trimester during this period you will feel tired and not comfortable to travel its good to avoid journeys during this period.

Tips for traveling in pregnancy:

  • Always consult your doctor before planning for travel.
  • En quire about the availability of medical facilities at the place that you are going to visit.
  • Take your medical record along with you while traveling.
  • Avoid traveling if you have any complications in your pregnancy.
  • Travel only in your second trimester of your pregnancy.
  • Consult your doctor if you feel stomach pain,contraction,bleeding or severe headaches after traveling.
  • Drink plenty of water during traveling.
  • Take frequent breaks for stretching and relaxing.
  • Eat healthy food nuts and fruits during travel.
  • Always wear loose and comfortable clothes while traveling.
  • Never skip your medicine while travelling.
  • Don’t travel in the third trimester because it can cause you premature labor.

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