Husband Support During Pregnancy

Husband support system during pregnancy:

Marriage is a beautiful bonding between two different people. Actually its a partnership for life time.Falling in love with the same person for ‘n’ number of times is only possible in married life. Every women wants her husband support during pregnancy. The couple start their first step with a hope of love and care, but they will come across many ups & downs, sacrifices, adventures build their understanding levels.
The most beautiful phase in the married life is pregnancy. Every married person should try to know, understand and learn how to take care of their wife especially during pregnancy. Every women wants her husband support during pregnancy. You may have several quires. So, here we are to help you out.

husband support during pregnancy

Help her with morning sickness:

Morning sickness is the crucial stage of pregnancy. Some times their may be no end till the labor. As a partner you should be beside her, understand her and make her feel easy. Give her a small massage on her back when she is really suffering. Give her proper space to rest. Visit her frequently and monitor her.

Do Things with her:

There are many things that you can do with her. you can accompany her during a walk, cook with her, water the garden along with her, watch a movie with her and many other. By spending the time with her, she may feel comfortable. Never ignore her for any reason. You can just support her, but can’t replace her with you.

Be with her when she needs you:

Especially during the pregnancy she needs you a lot, never say no to her. Encourage her for the smooth flow of her daily tasks. She may come across different changes that may be physically or mentally. She may feel emotional, fear and uneasy. Be with her and remind her that you are not gonna leave her alone.

Ready to take up responsibilities:

Take up the responsibilities of her and the house as well. Make her feel burden free and that she may overcome her parental sickness. Behave conscious, patient and treat her sensitively, because their may be several mood swings, pain and struggle during this time.

Help her with house hold tasks:

Never overload her with house hold tasks. Because the mood swings and health conditions may vary every minute/second. If she is not feeling like to work continuously, let her rest for some time. If she needs a nap (a short sleep) in mid day, let her have a nap. The sudden swings are due to the hormonal changes. As a husband you can perform some house hold tasks like buying groceries, cooking and other without straining her.

Listen to her and talk to her:

Though she is very excited and delighted about the baby but she is not the person before. She is going through many changes( early symptoms of pregnancy) which are not completely expressible. Understand the situations happening around her and talk to her accordingly. Though you might be busy with numeral tasks but give her some time to express her feelings. Because the best thing you can gift her is your time. Listen to her requests and answer with kindness.This may boost her strengths.

Be with her at the time of doctor visits:

The most important thing you should never miss, Whenever she visits doctor try your level best to accompany her. She may be feeling stress and nervous about the tests and results. Be very attentive to her. Never leave her alone to face any complications. Take a step forward and speak to the doctor about the remedies which she can overcome the complications.

Be a caretaker:

Taking care of your wife during this stage is very important. Have a track on the food to eat during pregnancy and the foods to be avoid during pregnancy. Remember her to take the medication on time. Advice her to hydrate frequently by drinking many glasses of water. Ask her food cravings and provide the food. Make her practice some exercise during pregnancy at home.Finally its your responsibility to take care of your little family.

Plan for the baby’s future:

As a responsible parents its your duty to plan the future of your child. Discuss the plans that are important for the future and ask her opinion. Take her suggestions and plan accordingly. Don’t worry team work always win!!

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