Importance of sex during pregnancy period

Importance of sex or intercourse during pregnancy:

Intercourse during pregnancy is safe and encouraged for the pregnant couple. Until and unless if your health care advisor restricts.Its better to know the importance of sex during pregnancy period. In the initial stages of pregnancy you may be not willing to get closer due the symptoms (symptoms during pregnancy) like nausea, headache, vomiting and morning sickness. Your partner feels ignored, as everything is concentrated on the baby. But as you step-in to the second trimester you may feel healthy and fit enough to participate in sex.

sex during pregnancy period
Having intercourse will keep the couple bonded. If its your first pregnancy you may have several unsolved quires like, when to? how to? Is it safe or not? whom should I en-quire? Will it effects baby?. We wish all your quires may be solved after reading this article.

Difference in sex, prior and later pregnancy:

Sex before pregnancy is different from after pregnancy. Before pregnancy you are fit enough to have intercourse and their are zero complications. Whereas after pregnancy your body starts to change in several ways like increase in breast size, raise in the blood volume percentage, high sensitivity, swelling in foot and tiredness.
In the first trimester of the pregnancy you may feel evaporated. In the second trimester you feel like to get closer as you feel relieve from all the symptoms. If you are interested you can get closer at least 5 times in a week.

Harm to the baby while having sex during pregnancy period:

First thing you need to make clear is that, there is no harm to the baby if you participate in intercourse. Almost all the couple worry about this reason. Having intercourse will never cause miscarriage. Because your baby is growing in the belly not in your vagina. The baby is perfectly safe in the thick walls of the uterus and surrounded by the amniotic fluid. This amniotic fluid creates a cushion effect, when pressure applied on the belly.
The baby inside you will never know what’s going on. But you should be conscious and never be strong or wild because your intention is not to harm vagina or cervix.

Cramps after intercourse:

After intercourse if you feel cramping or spotting. Do not worry for the mini cramps which lasts for one or two hours. This is due to the orgasm in semen may cause contractions in the uterine. Best remedy to get well cramps is to use two or three pillows under the feet and drink plenty of water. Spotting may cause due to the heavy blood flow makes the blood vessels weak and delicate.
If the cramps lasts for long time more than two hours or if you feel you are bleeding like your menstrual period then immediately visit the doctor without any second opinion.

Health care advisor restricts:

There may be several reasons for restriction from the doctor like, If you are not healthy or fit enough to participate in the sex, or if you had any premature birth in your previous pregnancy or if you have the risk of preterm labor in your current pregnancy or your cervix may be delicate.
Still if you propose to have intercourse that may cause risk like early labor, bacterial infection to the baby or water breaking.

Intercourse effect on labor:

Having intercourse close to the due date may cause labor. Its is best avoid having intercourse when you get close to your due date. You may not be feeling proactive due to your large grown belly. The pleasure of intercourse may cause contractions.

How to clean the vagina after the intercourse:

Clean vagina with warm water. Don’t use any soaps or shower gels, because the soap and shower gels is a combination of fats, oils,perfumes and some chemical compounds. Vagina is very sensitive place that to during pregnancy it becomes more sensitive. If you are not feeling comfortable after intercourse in the vaginal area then wash it twice or thrice with warm water.

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