List Of Baby Things To Buy Before Birth

Congratulations!! Finally, your little champ is in your arms. You are delighted and excited to see, touch, and feel motherhood. So far, you took care of the baby in your belly by providing all the internal essentials like proteins and minerals. Before your baby arrives this world you should make a list of the baby things to buy before birth.

You should start providing all the internal and external essentials for your newborn baby, like clothing, bathing, feeding, and others needed for the baby.

To make the baby feel comfortable, there are many necessities to be fulfilled. But you might be confused, what to buy?

It’s better to have a checklist of baby things to buy before birth when you shop. One of the best ways to make a checklist is to browse on the internet, or you may take advice from an elder at home who has experience in parenting.

 While shopping the baby essentials, you should always monitor two things: the first one is better quality, and the second one is the baby’s comfort. Though the baby essentials are expensive, you can use them in the long term.

Clothing Essentials to buy before baby arrives:

 You should plan and buy the essential clothing for your newborn baby before the labor or delivery. Because after the delivery you can’t go out shopping for a while, but you need clothing items immediately. So, it’s better to shop for the most essentials needed in the hospital.

 Diapers or Nappies: 

Diapers are available in two types, disposal and reusable. Both are good to use according to the situation. For example, you may not feel comfortable using reusable diapers at the hospital, which needs the effort to clean and time to dry. In such situations, disposable diapers are helpful. Choose the appropriate size for the baby.

Dresses or Suits:

When you are shopping for baby suits before the labor, find something that suits both boys and girls. You never know who is hiding in your belly. Focus more on the softness of the fabric. Take at least three pairs prior.

baby things to buy before birth


Shop the swaddles, which are made of air ventilated material. It looks like a baby wrapper that controls limb movements and facilitates good sleep for the baby.

things to buy before baby birth

Mittens and Booties:

 Mittens are more useful and must for the newborn. After the birth at the hospital, you may not find time to trim the baby’s fingernails. In such situations, these mittens are pretty helpful. It will avoid nail scratches on the face and body. Booties for the newborn refer to socks. If your labor happens in the winter or rainy seasons, covering the baby’s feet with socks will prevent the baby from cold.


 Small napkins will help you keep your baby clean after feeding or cleaning the short milky vomits.

Baby ‘s Medical and Hygiene things to buy before birth:

It’s time to become a medical expert for the baby. Usually, at the hospital, medical and hygiene essentials are maintained by the hospital team. But when you reach home, you need to have all the medical and hygiene essentials in your basket. 

Baby Thermometer:

 You should take necessary precautions for the baby according to the weather condition. The thermometer will help you check the baby’s temperature at any time you need, mostly while traveling.

Pain reliever: 

It becomes colic in some situations. Colic refers to excessive crying, gas, knees drawn to chest, hands in fists, red face, high pitched cry, and others. Always keep one colic pain reliever in the medical kit.

Nasal Absorption device:

It is a device that helps you to extract the blockage from the nose. When the baby infects with a sudden cold or blockage in the nose, the baby starts feeling uncomfortable to sleep. This device gives you an instant solution.

Bathing Essentials for newborn baby:

Bathing accessories will make the feel fresh and comfortable and facilitates a night of good sleep. However, you might be in a dilemma to choose the essentials which suit the baby.

things to buy hygene

Baby massage oil:

 Massaging facilitates proper blood circulation. The body massage before the bath gives lots of benefits. Many brands of baby oils are available in the market. Be careful while choosing them. Sometimes the oil will not suit the baby’s skin, and it may lead to allergic reactions. Immediately stop the usage of the oil.

Baby bath soap:

Babies feel joyful to take a bath. Therefore, it is advised to give a bath twice a day. Be conscious while choosing the soap. It should be ‘no tear’ and react very mild on the baby’s skin.

baby bathing

Baby bath toys:

The bath toys are really helpful for the mommy. Because it makes the mommy’s work easy!! The naughty babies will not allow the mommy to give a proper bath; in such situations, the bath toys like rattles will engage the baby. Hence the mommy work will become easy. So be careful while choosing the toys. They should be soft and made of non-plastic material, which will not hurt the baby in any situation.

Baby towel:

Pick the soft towel, very fast in absorbing the moisture and super fast in drying. The best material for the towel is cotton. The particular brands are not necessary.

Grooming Essentials:

Diaper rash cream:

The diaper rash cream will help your baby heal the rashes in the diaper areas. They may appear in red and small lumps or swelling on the skin. Pick a proper brand rash cream, which suits the baby’s skin.

Moisturizing cream:

A baby bath should be followed by applying moisturizing cream on the skin, which helps keep the baby’s body moist and soft. Use the moisturizer which suits your baby’s skin.

Nail cutter:

The growth of baby nails is very rapid, especially during 0-3 months. A nail cutter will help you trim the nails instantly. Be careful and conscious while cutting the baby’s nails.

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