Long Term Effects of Smoking While Pregnant

Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of improper development in the baby. There are many long term effects of smoking while pregnant. Sometimes it may lead to preterm birth, sometimes the baby birth with less weight, which may cause the death of the infant. It is not safe to smoke even one cigarette during pregnancy. The women who smoke has very low chances of getting pregnant. Frequent smoking or chain-smoking may risk you never becoming pregnant.

long term effects of smoking while pregnant

These cigarettes are made by using tobacco which contains an addictive drug called nicotine. This nicotine can damage the lungs of the mother as well as the baby’s brain. The carbon monoxide released from the smoke restricts the oxygen supplement to the baby. Nowadays cigarettes are available in many flavours, these added flavours may damage the tissue development of the developing baby.

If you want your baby to be healthy, then you have to quit smoking. Nothing is impossible if the human has a strong desire. If you are not yet pregnant and you are planning for the baby then this is the right time to quit smoking. Your doctor can help you in the best ways to quit smoking.

What are the long term effects of smoking while pregnant ?

effects of passive smoking on pregnancy

If your partner or a family member has a habit of smoking, then you should be more careful. Passive smoking equally has the effect of smoking. The pregnant women who are displayed to passive smoking are having the baby with low weight and improper size. Few mothers start smoking later the delivery, in such situations the baby who is exposed to passive smoking more likely die from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Risks and effects of smoking on pregnancy:

1. Defects in the birth:

Birth defects may cause when the mother smokes or is induced to passive smoking. The baby with birth defects might face issues like heart problems, separated lips, and others.

2. Preterm birth:

Preterm birth happens before the due date likely before 37 weeks, the brain development in the baby would be under process. The risks like hearing disability, vision disability, and mental disabilities. The baby born during preterm birth might face behavioral and learning issues. In some severe situations, the preterm birth may result in death.

3. Effect on placenta:

The placenta starts to grow in the uterus and moves to the womb, which helps to open the cervix for labor. Smoking can risk the growth of the placenta also known as placenta previa. Hence the placenta stays back at the cervix by covering it completely in the uterus. When the situation gets more complicated it causes severe bleeding.

4. Low birth weight:

If the baby weighs less than five pounds after birth, then it comes under the low birth weight. Low birth weight can lead to severe health issues and other disabilities. Smoking will delay the growth of the fetus when compared to the actual development. When a pregnant woman continues smoking or experiences passive smoking, it may even result in cerebral palsy, hearing, and vision disabilities in the baby.

5. Abruption in the placenta:

The Placenta acts as a medium between the mother and the baby. It provides the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. Smoking can interrupt the process of the placenta and cause several complications to the placenta. Placental abruption is one of them, it separates the placenta from the uterus before the labor. Hence it causes severe bleeding and life risk for both the baby and mother. No surgery or operations can reattach the placenta to the uterus.

6. Smoking causes miscarriage while pregnant:

Miscarriage is a great loss to the mother at any stage of pregnancy. It occurs mostly during the first trimester mostly before 20 weeks. The chemicals used in making cigarettes are carried to the fetus through the placenta, which can slow fetal development results in miscarriage.

smoking during pregnancy

7. Low chances of getting pregnant:

If you are a smoker and planning to get pregnant then you might end up with low chances of getting pregnant. Because smoking increases the rate of infertility. When you restrict yourself from smoking likely increases the lining of the womb, which favors you to get pregnant. So if you want to be pregnant then, quit smoking as early as possible.

smoking causes low pregnancy

Precautions to avoid the long term effects of smoking or passive smoking while pregnant:

  • Do not visit places like bars or restaurants where many people smoke.
  • If you visit any of the public places and find someone smoking, try to stay away from them.
  • If you are addicted to smoking and can’t stay away from it then, join any rehabilitation centers.
  • Plan your day with more activities like reading, playing video games, watching movies, and others to avoid the thought of smoking. Know some good things to do while pregnant.
  • Restrict your caffeine intake because it may stimulate you for smoking.
  • Chew mints, gums, and candies when you feel the urge to smoke.


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