Mamaroo Classic Vs Plush Baby Swing Review

As a parent we are ready to purchase anything that is useful and provide value for a baby. Baby swings provides comfort and support to your baby to make them sleep. They can also soothe a crying baby. When it comes to baby swings 4Moms Mamaroo is a popular choice. 4Moms Mamaroo baby swings bounce up and down and can move both sides to provide a feel as they were in the hands of their mother. If you have confusion between Mamaroo Classic vs Plush then this article will guide you to select the best swing for your baby.

What Is The Difference Between Mamaroo Classic Vs Mamaroo Plush?

There are only two differences between these two products. The first difference is that the seat cover of Mamaroo Plush is very velvety and soft, while the Mamaroo Classic’s seat cover is made of sleek nylon.

Well, it is a matter of relief that you can wash the seat covers of both of them comfortably by putting them in the washing machine. And the second difference is the price gap between them. A Mamaroo Plush is an updated version of Mamaroo Classic with only some additional comfort for extra money.

mamaroo classic reviews

As a parent, I would like to keep two or three-seat covers for any of these baby swings if possible. Because we all know that small children get messy quickly because small children go here and there and make themselves dirty by playing.

Then if one seat cover becomes, we will have another seat cover which we will put in it and put the first seat cover to wash. So keeping this in mind, you must buy an extra seat cover for your Mamaroo Classic or Mamaroo Plush Swings.

mamaroo plush reviews

Both of these swings can only be used by children who weigh 25 lbs or fewer, which means that children 4 or 5 months old can enjoy these wings. It depends on parents whether they will spend such an amount for their child for four-five months.

Key Features Of  4Moms Mamaroo Classic and Mamaroo Plush

To be honest, the design of both these products is a very revolutionary type. These swings are great for those parents who want their kids equipment to be a little techy and advanced. So let’s know what the special features of these baby swings are.

Unique 5 Motion

Both the swings come loaded with a feature called Unique 5 Motion.

  • Car Ride
  • Kangaroo
  • Tree Swing
  • Rock A Bye
  • Wave

The purpose of giving these features in this swing is so that children do not disturb their parents while they are busy with other essential work. When parents are busy somewhere, children can use these features to entertain their minds.

5-Speed Controls

Each unique motion has a 5-speed setting. This makes 25 combinations from which you can choose. Hopefully, you will find one or more varieties of these very good combinations for your child, and your child will enjoy it.

4-built in sounds

It also comes in both swings to help your baby calm down with the motion. Even if your baby cries, this feature will help calm him down and relax his mind so that he can be quiet and stop crying.

MP3 compatible

Let’s say about these four inbuilt sounds, even if your child does not get peace and even after listening to it if your baby is crying. So in this comes another great feature for you: you can play any MP3 song per your wish. You can play Poem and Lodi for your child. After this, your baby will get peace, and he will stop crying.

Bluetooth Enabled For Pairing

It is for those parents who want their children’s swing to be related to some tech, and it comes with a little advanced technology. By using this, you can connect direct Swing to your phone via Bluetooth. After pairing, you can play your favorite song on your phone, and your child will hear this song even if you are in another room.

Adjustable Seat Recline

We all know that it is challenging for a newborn baby to sleep in the bed. So these swings have this feature that you can recline their seat and put your baby to sleep. Then when their sleep is complete, they can enjoy the motion. They can also listen to songs after completing their nap or listen to music while sleeping.

Toy Mobile

Both these swings come with the feature of Toy Mobiles. Both the Toy Balls are Interactive And Reversible. The Toy Mobile comes with a mirror, rattle, and crinkle ball that will help your child improve his/her sense. The unique thing about these Toy Mobile is that you can also take them out and put them back on after washing so that your child can play with them again.

(Frequently Asked Questions) FAQs

Is it worth to buy Mamaroo Plush with extra money?

Answer: When we are paying some extra money for a product means that should add some extra features to a it, when it comes to these products we are not getting any extra features except the velvet fabric. It depends on parents to select between Mamaroo Classic Vs Mamaroo Plush.

How many seat covers are available for Mamaroo Classic And Plush?

Answer: When you buy the 4Moms Mamaroo Classic vs Mamaroo Plush from amazon you will get 4 seat covers with them.

What is the maximum weight for 4Moms Mamaroo?

Answer: The maximum weight of a baby to use Mamaroo Classic Or Mamaroo Plush is 25 lbs or until your baby sits unassisted.

What is the weight of a 4Moms swing? Can it hold the my baby?

Answer: The Weight of 4Moms swing is 20 pounds. It will hold your baby if your baby is under 25 lbs of weight or untill 4 months of age.

Is Mamaroo Plush more comfortable than Mamaroo Classic?

Answer: Yes, Mamaroo Plush is more comfortable than Mamaroo Classic With some extra velvety feel.


Now, if we talk about which one will be right for you to take, it is entirely up to you. If we talk about both the swings, there is no such unique feature in them to make them two different products. Both of the swings are almost the same. As I told you earlier, there is a slight difference in price between these two swings, so now it depends on how much you can spend.

If we talk about the seat cover of both swings, then the seat cover of the Mamaroo Plush seems to have been done with colorful colors on a white background, which is exquisite to look at and reliable at the same time. If we talk about the Mamaroo Classic, I am not saying that its gray-colored seat cover does not look beautiful. It is also fine in his place, but if asked to choose between these two, I will select the Mamaroo Plush because the seat fabric of the Mamaroo Plush is amazing.

That’s why I am saying that now it is entirely up to you whether you will spend a little more on the Mamaroo Plush for the excellent seat cover or will go with the Mamaroo Classic.


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