Massage during pregnancy: Prenatal massage at home

Massage during pregnancy:

Massage is considered as a therapy that is followed from ancient period to relive pain and stress.Pregnancy is one of the stress full period of your life no matter if you are first pregnancy or not, the stress levels will be high.

Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is similar to a typical massage but that is carried out by professionals on a pregnancy massage table, specially designed for pregnant women. Some use special pregnancy pillows to provide extra comfort for pregnant women.

massage during pregnancy

Is pregnancy massage safe for pregnant women?

Taking a massage during pregnancy is harmless. But it is recommended for pregnant women only after completion of the first trimester. It is safe to have pregnancy massage during the second and third trimester of pregnancy but need to be done with the trained professionals. Many doctors recommend to avoid the massage during first trimester of pregnancy because there is more chance of miscarriage during this period of pregnancy.

Benefits of pregnancy massage:

Relieves stress and anxiety:

When a pregnant women experience a massage after the completion of the first trimester, her stress level will decrease. Because the stress hormone CORTISOL is reduced which will improve your mood. Reducing the chance of depression by maintaining the hormone balance in the body.

Relives swelling of joints:

Swelling of joints is observed in many pregnant women because of the low circulation and pressure on blood vessels, a massage will help you to have a proper circulation.

Reduces back and leg pain:

Because of the growing weight of your baby you might feel lower back pain. This can be reduces by the addressing the tight muscles during massage,it also increases the flexibility in muscles.

Increases sleep quality:

Overall improvement in the sleep quality is observed in the pregnant women after massage because of the increase in the production of serotonin.

Prepare your body for delivery:

Pregnancy massage will help you to have easier delivery by keeping your muscles relaxed and toned before your delivery date.

Pregnancy Massage do’s and don’t s:

  1. You should not take massage during the first trimester of pregnancy because there will be high chance of miscarriage at that period of pregnancy.
  2. If you have any complications in your pregnancy you should avoid even in the second and third trimester.
  3. If you are allergic to some message oil or some lotions that should not be used while massage.
  4. Only apply oil or vitamin E lotion on your stomach don’t apply more pressure or stokes while massage.
  5. when you feel sick or not feeling well while massage stop the massage.
  6. Don’t lay on the back while massage it will increase pressure on the vena cava the vein that carries blood from heart to lower body.
  7. Don’t lay your face down your stomach may get press.
  8. There are some spots in the ankles and palms that causes contractions in the uterus.
  9. prefer side way sleeping while massage.
  10. don’t use rose merry oil or mint oil in massage
  11. Take massage only with the trained professionals.
  12. Swedish massage is recommended because it is very mild massage and aims to relax muscle tension and relieve pains and back aches.

Pregnancy massage at home:

The best place to have massage is at home. Here are some tips to have massage at your home. Its good to have a massage after simple exercise during pregnancy.

Back Massage:

By sitting or slight lying on your side have a massage with some oil or lotion on your back which will reduce your stress and relive your pain and back ache.

Legs and foot:

Gentle pressure on your foot and legs will be a great move to relive your pain and muscle cramps. But remember to avoid certain pressure points at ankle which may cause contraction of uterus.

Shoulder massage:

Apply even pressure from your shoulders with some gentle stokes will help you to relive your stress

Scalp massage:

With fingers of both hands massage your scalp thoroughly with some oil apply some gentle pressure to scalp which will be very relaxing.




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