Newborn Baby Care After Birth: Feeding, Bathing

Newborn baby care after birth:

After a long journey of pregnancy and risky labor, you are finally with your cute little champ. The real parenting starts now; you might be the first-time parent for a baby. Though you are delighted to welcome the new member to your family, sometimes you might be stuck with many queries about newborn baby care after birth like, How to take care of the baby? How to hold? Feeding Newborn ? How to give bath? and many others.

newborn baby care after birth

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Best Care tips for the newborn baby after birth:

Holding the newborn:

You should be very careful while holding the baby. Never hold the baby single-handed. In the newborn babies, the neck muscles are very sensitive and need three months to build themselves stronger. You should use your two hands while holding the baby, hold the baby with one hand and provide proper support to the head and neck with another hand. Some parents have a fear of baby slipping from their hands. Hence they hold the baby very tight, which hurts the baby. Don’t put extra pressure on the baby. The little one should feel very comfortable in your arms. Though it’s tough during the initial stage, you will be used to it soon.

Communicating with the newborn:

Communication with the newborn is very excited, though we know that the baby can’t respond through words. We start illustrating the words for their actions and expressions. But frequently communicating with the baby will helps in brain development. It also helps the baby learn the language and words faster. It also builds the bond stronger.

Feeding your newborn:

The feel while you feed your baby is inexpressible through words. It’s absolutely the god’s gift for every woman. You should be more conscious while feeding the baby. Doctors mostly suggest feeding your baby in a sitting position. Sit freely on the bed or sofa by folding or crossing your legs in a comfortable position. Take the baby in your arms towards your breast and start feeding. If you are not well experienced to hold and feed, you can also use feeding pillows. Wrap the feeding pillow around the waist, place the baby on the pillow and start feeding.

feeding newborn after birth

  • Make sure baby holds the areola inside the mouth properly.
  • Feed with an interval of at least two hours.
  • Provide proper intake of air.
  • Always wear soft cloths while feeding.
  • Be careful with the clothing type while feeding because buttons or zip of shirts or tops may disturb the baby while feeding.

If your doctor suggests you to feed formulated milk, then get ready with all the necessary things like feeding bottles, formula milk powder, and boiled water in the thermal flask at the near desk.

  • Do not forget to sterilize feeding accessories. Wash them properly after every feed.
  • Do not feed the leftover milk after two hours.

Umbilical cord care of newborn:

The birth cord or the umbilical cord will take a minimum of two weeks or a maximum of three weeks to detach and dry thoroughly. Keep the area safe and dry all time. Prefer the baby clothing, which is with proper airflow and free in size. Clean the area very slowly after the bath. Usage of the disinfection powder suggested by the doctor will help to heal faster. Do not apply any force on the umbilical cord.

umbilical cord care after birth


Bathing care for newborn baby after birth:

Bathing is an important task for a new mom. It’s enough to give 2 to 3 baths a week for the baby because they don’t get dirty easily. Wipe the baby’s body with a soft cotton towel dipped in luck warm water until the umbilical cord falls off. Choose the mild soap which reacts very gentle on the baby’s skin. Slowly rub the body parts with a sponge. Take the help of your partner while giving a bath. Be careful while washing the head part. Ensure water not entering the eyes and nose. Always use the baby shampoo with no tears.

bathing newborn after birth

Dressing care for newborn baby after birth:

The cutest part is baby clothing. Baby’s clothing looks very attractive and colorful. You should have proper experience while selecting the suits for the baby. Take proper suggestions from the past mothers who are experienced in motherhood. The following steps should be noted in mind.

  1. Give priority to cotton clothing.
  2. Always select the suits with front open.
  3. Avoid dresses with heavy embroidering, buttons, zips or any sharpy things.
  4. Avoid the t-shirts till one year. Because the baby’s head is very sensitive and it’s not easy to pull it over the head.

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