5 Best Pregnancy Belly Support Band Plus Size

Pregnancy belly support band are designed for pregnant women to provide support to their lower back, abdominal portion of a pregnant woman’s body. Pregnancy belly support bands are often known as maternity belts. Maternity belts come in various sizes and shapes to fit for plus size women.

These belts are highly flexible and suitable to wear for every pregnant women. The belts are capable of compressing the muscles in the hip and lower abdominal region. During pregnancy, the belly expands due to the embryo inside of the amnion. To cover the exposed skin area due to pregnancy, women need this product, and a woman mostly requires a maternity belt in the second and third trimester.

Some Questions(FAQ’s) About Pregnancy Belly Support Band

In this part of the article will answer some frequently asked questions about the pregnancy belly band.

question faq pregnancy belly band

How long should one use a maternity belly support band?

Ans. A pregnant woman should not use this type of belly band for not more than two or three hours at once. Wearing more than that can irritate the abdominal region. And in term of months, you can wear these maternity belts throughout the pregnancy and even after the pregnancy.

Are there any side effects of these pregnancy bands?

Ans. If someone wears this band for a prolonged period, it can reduce the blood circulation in the abdominal region. It leads to lower blood pressure. Low blood pressure is harmful to both the mother and the baby. Other than that, this thing can also cause indigestion in some users.

Can a belly band hurt the baby?

Ans. The belly band usually doesn’t hurt a baby. Overuse of this product causes muscle weakness. This can eventually lead to abnormal heart rates in the baby. Avoid wearing it too tightly or for a longer period, as in both these cases, the health of the baby will be at risk.

Can belly bands be used after pregnancy?

Ans. The answer to this question is yes. A woman can use this even after childbirth.This belly band will help the woman in the postpartum period readjust in her clothes from the pre-pregnancy period. You can also use the belly and reduce the stretch marks in the body that develop due to pregnancy.

How to Choose a Pregnancy Belly Support Band for Plus Size Women?

Few brands create bands that can fit almost every woman. There are also some bands available that make various-sized bands for pregnant women. You should choose a pregnancy band that can be adjusted according to the baby bump size. Now let’s discuss how you can choose the ideal pregnancy band for you.

You need to measure your hip with the help of a measuring tape. Make sure that you select a band that doesn’t irritate you. To avoid any irritation, select the one that doesn’t attach to your belly too tightly. Wear it once before buying, and ensure that it spreads the weight across the back and lower abdomen.

Uses of Maternity Band:

There are several benefits of these maternity bands. That’s why most pregnant women use belly bands during the last few months of pregnancy. Let’s look at some of the uses of these bands.

Reduces Pain During Pregnancy:

When a woman becomes pregnant, she encounters pain in the back and also in several joints of the body. This prevents a soon-to-be mother from performing daily activities. Wearing a maternity band supports the back and lower abdomen to reduce this pain sensation. So, that the mother can perform all the household works along with taking care of the baby.

Provides Gentle Compression:

If a pregnant woman is performing heavy physical activities, then the baby bump may come in the way of doing the activity. The belly band provides gentle compression that helps the woman perform these heavy activities.

Maintain Proper Body Posture:

A pregnant woman needs to maintain proper body posture during pregnancy. The torso and the lower back are mainly responsible for maintaining the right body posture of a woman. This belt supports these particular body parts and thus helps to maintain the correct body posture.

Top 5 Plus Size Pregnancy Belly Support Band:

The following is a list of the top 5 best maternity bands available online.

KeaBabies Pregnancy Belly Support Band:

This maternity belt provides support to the baby bump and makes the mother feel comfortable. The material of this product is lightweight and highly breathable. After wearing it, you will feel that you are not wearing anything under or over your clothes.

Most pregnant women feel pain in the pelvis and hip due to the stretching of the muscles. The maternity belt provides abdominal support and also the hip muscle and the surrounding area.

One of the key features of this belt is that it also helps correct the posture of the mother’s body. It is essential for the health of both the mother and the baby. The presence of a mini cradle helps the baby to breathe properly. You can also adjust the size of this belt according to the size of your baby bump.

Once you start using this product, you need not worry about the pains and will be able to enjoy the journey of becoming a mother.


  • Presence of hook and loop closure.
  • Compress the abdominal muscles gently.
  • Reduces any kind of pain related to pregnancy.
  • The presence of belly wrap relieves the pain in the lower back of the woman.
  • You can wear it with almost every kind of clothing.
  • The mini cradle is present in the belt.

NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Belt:

This maternity belt is highly adjustable. The fabric present in this belt gives comfort to both mother and the baby. This is made by using multilayered fabrics, and the main material used in the making process is highly breathable. An elastic lining is also present in the product.

neotech pregnancy support belly band

Image Source: https://neotechcare.com/

Hooks and loops are present in the maternity belt. You can tighten the hooks and loops while you are standing or walking. If you are sitting somewhere, then the hooks and loops need to be loosened.

This product is specially designed to distribute the pressure evenly all over the back so that the mother doesn’t feel any compression aster wearing it. You can wear this product all day long.

The product will not cause any irritation in the body. Both mother and baby will feel comfortable after wearing it. The product is available in every size, from small to XXL. Choose according to your body shape and especially consider your baby bump.


  • The adjustable nature of the product helps to accommodate the growth of the abdomen throughout gynecologists for pregnancy.
  • You can perform all kinds of activities while wearing this belly belt.
  • This belt is capable of supporting the back of the woman’s body.


  • The front part of this maternity belt may feel too small and narrow if your baby bump is too big. This happens when you are going to have twins or triplets.

Nu Momz Pregnancy Belt:

This pregnancy belt is capable of providing all-around support. The inner lining of the product is made by using cotton. Due to that, the wearer will not feel any irritation. Other than that, this belt also prevents the formation of stretch marks that appear during the pregnancy.

The product can be worn from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy. The belt helps in the formation of firm abdominal and core muscles. You can wear this while working out in the gym and also while doing all the household work.

numomz maternity support belt plus size


The weight of the baby is evenly dispersed. This distribution of the weight also reduces the pain in the SI and the pelvic joints. The belt is capable of expanding up to 50 inches. The pregnancy belt works as a complete support system. A mother can also wear this after the birth of the child to reduce the loosening of the muscles in the abdominal region.


  • The unborn baby remains protected.
  • 360-degree support to provide relief related to the pregnancy.
  • The pelvic pressure is reduced that recovers the joints and muscles after the pregnancy.
  • Plus Size friendly product.


  • No instructions come with this belt which makes the product difficult to use for first-timers.

Gabrialla Elastic MS-96i Maternity support Belt:

The product is available in four different colors. This maternity belt is made up of polyester, cotton, and lycra material, which makes it comfortable to wear as the materials are soft and highly breathable. The belt is extremely comfortable to wear, and one can use it daily.

The maternity belt from Gabrialla is lined with cotton material. The elastic inner lining of the product is present in the belt so that you can wear it over any type of clothing. Other than providing support in the back, the stretch marks are also reduced during pregnancy.

The product is 6 inches long in the back, and the front side is 3 inches long. This design is specially made to support the baby bump properly. The belt offers stability and balance to a mother to efficiently perform all her daily works.

A back pocket is also present in the back to provide relief to the mother after she takes hot and cold therapy. The belt loosens the muscles in the back around the spine to reduce the amount of pain caused by the weight gain.


  • Designed stylishly so that the mother can wear anything without worrying about her looks.
  • Reduction of stretch marks.
  • Mother can perform all kinds of activities while wearing the belt.
  • Makes the pregnancy period easy for the mother.


  • The back portion of this maternity belt is stiff and rough, which may create scratches on the back.

Comfy Moms Pregnancy Belly support Band For Plus Size:

This pregnancy band is highly adjustable so that it can be adjusted according to the baby bump size. The baby bump of a mother increases with every passing trimester.

You need not buy different belts for the three different trimesters. This belt has adjustable straps attached to it both in the front and the back to make it usable throughout the pregnancy.

Along with providing relief from back pain, this belt also supports the belly. The upper belly band can be adjusted to relieve the pressure from the pelvis and abdomen. The material is completely safe to use as this is made up of highly comfortable material.

This product is made by using mainly polyester, neoprene, and nylon. The product is available in 6 vibrant colors. The product is available in various sizes. The size of the product varies in between small and X large.


  • Presence of adjustable upper and lower band in the maternity band.
  • Helps in the reduction of back pain.
  • The pelvic pressure felt by the mother due to the expansion of the belly is reduced to a large extent.
  • The product’s making material is highly breathable.


  • The bottom band gets easily wrinkled and deformed after putting it off. That makes it difficult when the woman tries to put it on again.


Always consult a medical professional before buying a maternity band. Always remember that these types of bands are a temporary solution. You can choose from the above-mentioned list of the products, or you can also buy one offline.

Before buying, consider a few parameters like making material, breath ability, etc. Don’t go for an expensive one as you will use this product for a shorter period, during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. If you feel uneasy and cannot breathe properly after wearing it, stop immediately and consult your gynecologist for help.

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