Safety Precautions For Newborn Baby

Safety Precautions for Newborn Baby:

When your baby arrives this world after birth, your only concern should be to take proper care towards your baby. You should take all the safety precautions for your newborn and provide all the essentials to your baby to make him/her comfortable and happy.

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Avoid close contact with pets and soft toys:

Avoid all the things made of fur like soft toys, pillows, blankets, cushions away from the baby because they may cause severe respiratory issues. When the baby holds and plays with the soft toys, detached fur from the toys may enter through the nose or the baby’s mouth and result in allergies.

safety precaution for newborn baby

The same measure applies to pets as well. The newborns who grow up with pets may come across coughing and sniffing issues. The pets wander outdoors and indoors; hence they carry harmful microbes that may result in lung infections.

Burp your baby after feed:

Burp your baby after the feed is compulsory. You might be breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby. If you are breastfeeding, then after the feed on one breast, or using a bottle to feed, then after the feed of 80ml, allow the baby to burp.

Always feed your baby when he/she is hungry. Never overfeed your baby because overfeeding may result issues in the digestive system. If the baby is hungry, he/she starts giving some hints like licking or sucking their finger often or crying.

How to make the baby burp?

Hold the baby in your hands and rest the head towards your shoulder. Hold one hand under the baby bump, and the other hand on the back now start patting and rubbing gently. Continue the process until the baby burps. The baby usually swallows air while feeding. Hence they start feeling uncomfortable after the feed. Burps will clear the issues in the digestive system and facilitates proper sleep.

Avoid the baby’s discomfort:

They might feel discomfort in many situations. First, figure out the proper cause for the discomfort like lack of sleep, the diaper is wet, feeling hungry, improper bedding, or any indigestion problem.

safety precautions for newborn baby


If you notice the baby is making uncomfortable expressions like rubbing eyes and crying, the baby is not feeling comfortable sleeping. Try to change the position, or else lift the baby upright and rest the baby’s head on your shoulder, gently rub back, and start singing. If the baby is hungry, then he/she starts sucking fingers. Provide the feed on demand.

Avoid sharpy things near the baby:

Many play toys are made of hard plastic, which may injure the baby. Have a prior look at the sharp corners of the bed, cradle, or the screws used in fittings. Take necessary measures to soften them. Make sure the sleeping area of the baby is safe. Never place nail cutter, water flasks, or knives near the baby in oversight. Take all the safety precautions for your newborn to make him/her comfortable.

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Clean the babies room often:

Always keep the baby’s bed clean. Because the dust, milk spits are the main cause of spreading germs which encourage infections. Hand over the baby to your partner when cleaning the baby’s room because the dust while cleaning may disturb the baby. Never use the dry sheets which are wet. Allow proper ventilation to the baby’s room.

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Avoid carrying the baby while cooking:

It is a crucial thing to maintain the home and baby at a time. But the priority goes to the baby. Postpone all the works, not an issue you can complete later or take others’ help.

newborn baby in kitchen
Many mothers swaddle their babies on their back while cooking. It’s a huge mistake; the situation may change in a second without your notice. The baby might feel extremely hot due to the flames in the kitchen. The aroma of the dishes you cook might be strong; hence the baby starts coughing or sniffing. The baby may come in contact with the sharpy things in the kitchen.

Always keep an eye on the baby:

You might usually be planning your household works when the baby is at sleep.  It’s a good job, but you should keep an eye on the baby in short intervals. Because your baby can roll towards the edges of the bed at any time in your absence, sometimes the baby may fall and get injured. Take your partner’s help when you can’t attend to the baby.

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