Similac Sensitive Vs Similac Total Comfort: Which One Is Best?

When you search for a milk formula for your baby, you will be facing many questions. You may get confused in choosing the right one for your baby when you are looking for the baby formula for a sensitive stomach and can’t decide between Similac Sensitive Vs Similac Total Comfort. This article guide you to choose the suitable one for your infant.

Similac Sensitive is an instant milk formula for sensitive tummies. Similac Sensitive formula is easy to digest which is formulated for babies who have fuzziness and gas. This formula has an exclusive combination of nutrients to support the development of babies’ brains and eyes.

Similac Total Comfort is an Infant Milk formula specially for easy digestion, to be gentle on the sensitive tummy and comfortable to digest fat blending without any palm oil for gentler stools.

Similac Total Comfort offers your baby the best, including both worlds it’s an unscented, lactose-free formulation in the Tummy care system. It also includes a blend of 10 ingredients that will support the natural defenses of your child’s body (Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, Copper, Folic Acid, Iron, selenium, and zinc). This will promote absorption of nutrients, and gives a delicate touch to complete nutrition.

This infant formula also contains non-GMO components, as we know that GMOs are harmful to human health, especially in infants. The FDA has linked genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to various allergies and nutritional issues, so there’s a chance your baby’s feeding issues are related to GMOs in their formula.

Difference Between Similac Sensitive Vs Similac Total Comfort

Both infant formulas are designed for babies with sensitive stomachs. Similac Total Comfort is a formula for infants with persistent sensitivity. It contains whey hydrolysate, which means that allergens are reduced to a minimum. On the other hand, Similac Sensitive employs Protein Isolate, which contains casein and whey and very little lactose. Similac Total Comfort is also created with non-GMO ingredients. However, Similac Sensitive may have components derived from genetically modified plants or animals.

Similac Sensitive

A unique combination of two carbohydrates to maximize absorption and minimize risks of mal absorption. OptiGRO is an exclusive mixture of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E found in breast milk. DHA for the development of a child and eye. Lutein for eye health support. A significant nutrient for the development of cells, vitamin E.similac sensitive vs similac total comfort

This unique formula has the following:

  • Calcium – no palmolein oil for strong bones.
  • Nucleotide help the immune system to support it.
  • Digestive health probiotics help.
  • Carotenoids such as those naturally present in breast milk.
  • Clinically proven for infant development.
  • Absence of Artificial Hormones.
  • It is free from Gluten.

Benefits Of Similac Sensitive

Best For Fuzzy Or Gasy Babies

The baby formula is particularly for the babies with fussiness and gas due to the sensitivity of lactose.

Promotes Brain Developement

Unique infuse of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E, special additives in breast milk essential to contribute to the development of babies’ brain and eyes.

Builts Stronger Bones

Similac Sensitive dont have palmolein oil to encourage healthy calcium absorption to strengthen bones. Prebiotics also contribute for a better digestion in babies. Babies sometimes are fussy and gassy, and sadly they don’t have instructions to feed to tell you what they should do exactly. The frequent fuss and gas of your baby may be a sign of attempting a different formulation.

Simple to digest, Sensitive Similac Lactose Sensitivity is an all-nutritional formula explicitly designed for lactose-sensitive babies. Milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones is also made.

No Artificial Growth Hormone

Ingredients of similac sensitive are not genetically engineered.

Nutrients Of Similac Sensitive

Sensitive Similac formula nutrients are Protein, Fat, Carbonate, water, Linoleic Acid. Nutrients are the following.
These are, therefore, nutrients that improve Similac Sensitive’s ability to be more effective for infants.

Includes Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Thiamin (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B, Niacin, Folic Acid (Folacin), Pantothenic Acid, Biotin.

Similac Total Comfort

In nutrition and minor discomfort, the Similac Total Comfort formula covers most of the basics for babies.
Similac Total Comfort has achieved all it can to think of the unique mix of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E, and the nutrients commonly found in breast milk are crucial to the development of brain and eye of your child.

similac sensitive vs similac total comfort

Though it is not for treating fuss and gas in babies, the Similac total comfort formula will assist formula-feed babies to digest more easily, in the same way as some other formulas, to prevent some of the discomforts due to proteins.

Similac Total Comfort is a mild formula that contains partly a hydrolyzed protein and a prebiotic like breast milk immune nutrition.

This Unique formula has the fallowing

  • Partially hydrolyzed protein which promotes digestion.
  • Calcium to make baby bones stronger
  • Nucleotides to build stronger immune system
  • DHA for brain IQ development

Benefits Of Similac Total Comfort

Some babies are encouraged to move bowel and to lower constipation by the Total Comfort formula. Some babies may have a better chance of digestive problems after using this particular formula.

The Similac Total Comfort can answer all of its nutrients for babies with an allergy to certain formula additives. There are no artificial hormones of growth in similac total comfort.

There are also some disadvantages of similac total comfort
Even though gas in some babies helps, the immediate flavor of the formula is not very nice.
For some families, it may not be affordable.
Once you mix it, you will get a considerable amount of bubbles and foam.

Nutrients Of Similac Total Comfort

Similac’s OptiGRO formula consists of a combination of nutrients and vitamins required for healthy growth and development of the baby.

It may help prevent gas and baby discomfort (Similac’s sensitive formula family – optimal for stomach sensitivity).
The Similac Total Comfort product also includes Human Milk Oligosaccharide, a prebiotic (immune support) immune nutrient commonly used only in breast milk.

M.alpina Oil, VITAMINS, L-phenylalanine, choline-chloride, NUCLEOTIDES improves the nutritional quality of Similac Total Comfort. Water, maltodextrin, edible vegetable oils (sunflower, soy oil, olive oil), whey protein-hydrolysate, MINERALS, soy lecithin, arachidonic accident.

Conclusion Which One Is Better?

So From this article, now you are aware of Similac Sensitive Vs Similac Total Comfort. Its advantages and Nutritional quality.

Similac Sensitive

  • ┬áDesigned for mild milk protein and lactose sensitivity.
  • ┬áMade with protein isolate.
  • May contain ingredients from genetically modified plants/animals.

Similac Total Comfort

  • Designed for persistent feeding issues.
  • Made with whey protein hydrolysate (partially).
  • Contain no genetically modified ingredients.

In all, it is in your hand to decide. You might want to try feeding with Similac Total Comfort if your child has persistent feeding problems and is not suitable for sensitive formulas. However, Similac sensitivity is the right solution if you know that your baby is only mild to moderate protein or lactose.

I hope that this article has provided you with the most up-to-date information about these wonderful newborn formulae. Similac Sensitive and Similac Total Comfort have some common advantages and disadvantages.
So, depending on the demands and conditions, you can easily choose which of them is suitable for your infant and which is not.
Best wishes to you and your family, and may your life be safe and secure.

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