Snuggle Me Organic Vs Dock A Tot

If you have recently became a parent, then you will provide everything very comfortable for your child; it is very common. Baby Lounger may be one of them in your mind, there are many baby loungers available in market which are very comfortable and relaxing for babies to sleep in. But parents have a lot of confusion in selecting between the two of the most amazing and popular loungers Snuggle Me Organic Vs Dock A Tot.

Difference Between Snuggle Me Organic Vs Dock A Tot


All the materials of Snuggle Me are organic, they are using virgin polyester and conventionally grown cotton. Snuggle Me Organic’s virgin polyester as well as an organic cotton cover are non-chemical and non toxic.

DockATot is not available in organic fabrics, but each component is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 certified. All materials are also washable.


When we compare both Snuggle Me Organic Vs Dock A Tot for comfortness, snuggle me organic has some extra comfort because of the organic cotton which is all over the lounger. But your baby may get some sweat when you use it for longer because of the tight shape and the lack of air flow. While Dock A Tot has a flatter design, and has a opening at the bottom which allows the airflow.

Size and age

Snuggle Me Organic dimensions is 27″  tall x 18″ wide, it is available in only one size which is suitable for 0-8 months old baby.

In Dock A Tot you will get two options Deluxe and Grand, Deluxe for 0-9 months of age, and Grand for a 9-36 months old baby. For example, DockATot Deluxe is 18 inches wide x 29-34 inches long, DockATot Grand is 24 inches wide x 39-47 inches long.


Cleaning baby loungers is very important because they became messy after using them on carpers etc. When it comes to cleaning, Snuggle Me Organic is harder to clean when it compared to DockAtot because of its shape. It is harder to wash it in machine and put it into dryer. So you should wash it gently with hand and dry it manually without machine.

Washing A DockATot is much easier you can wash and dry it in machine. Its very to clean a DockATot Lounger when they are messy.


The most prominent feature of Snuggle Me is that it is very easy to use it according to the baby; you can use it on the bed, on the sofa, or the floor according to the child. In addition, it is very easy to carry and take it anywhere. That’s why the Snuggle me lounger has comes with a travel bag.

In DockATot, you are given a co-sleeping position next to the baby, making it appear that the mother or father is sleeping next to the baby. DockATot can be used when you are busy in some work but supervising the baby.

Snuggle Me Organic Features

The Snuggle Me is very popular for its design which is a tight fit for a newborn, and the reason for this is that the child should be safe on his back while resting. This is the most amazing feature of the Snuggle Me, which makes it stand out and sets it upwards.

snuggle me organic vs dock a tot

It is made in such a way that your child is hugged by you or someone. In this, the lounger in the middle part is slightly lower so that when you put the baby to sleep, he goes inside the lounger. And it seems that someone has hugged him.

The other feature that make this product popular is the materials used. All the materials are of best quality, organic, non-toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabrics with GOTS certification. Materials of Snuggle Me is made and sourced from local USA manufacturers.

Snuggle Me Lounger is made with utmost safety and care; while making it, complete care is taken that the child remains safe in it. Although parents should also take the special care that they do not use any lounger for longer or overnight sleep, they should use the lounger only when they are busy with some other work.

The best thing to hold in your arms, It is so well made; anyone would love to carry it in their arms. The Snuggle Me is designed in a padded form so that the child’s entire body is in the arms of the parent. The snuggling sensation coming from the lounger is highly effective at calming and soothing your baby when you need some extra support.


  • Tight fit design that provides support to a newborn
  • Designed to hug the baby
  • Best quality organic material like organic cotton, virgin polyester are used
  • Safely holds the child
  • It has some extra comfort because of the cotton
  • They come with 30 days return policy if you don’t like you can return them.


  • Not washing machine friendly. It is too bulky for a washing machine. So you can face problems in washing it in your machines.
  • It can be suffocating and babies can re breath co2. Suppose the baby turns their head onto the padded walls of loungers to re breathe that air they release. And that air would be CO2 which significantly harms the oxygen level of the body of the baby. That was the most common problem of the lounger that affects your baby.
  • Babies may roll over onto their sides or stomachs and harm their heads So that the parents have to be careful about the baby.
  • Positional asphyxia, When you propped up the baby on an incline against the pillow or the lounger, the head of the baby can fall forward, and blocking their airway.”

Snuggle Me Organic Reviews

  • On Amazon Snuggle Me Organic has 4.8 out of 5 stars from its huge 2,342 ratings.
  • It Also has Best Sellers Rank #903 in Baby, #2 in Infant Floor Seats & Loungers.

Dock a Tot Features

Soothing the baby is very easy with it because it is very comfortable, due to which your child feel very relaxed. Many people say that this product is the best for their kids.

snuggle me organic vs dockatot

DockATot is made of hypoallergenic materials to ensure that babies don’t get too hot or cold. Its design is very beautiful and cute; anyone would like to buy it.

It is very light, and two strips are given next to it, due to which it becomes very easy to pick it up and carry it anywhere. Furthermore, the DockATot lounger comes with a beautiful case with built-in handles that allow you to take it around.

It is effortless to clean it; you can wash it in the machine, as clean bedding is suitable for children.

You will find different sizes in it for your baby, go for a standard Dock a Tot lounger which comes for 0-8 months old baby. And you can also get a Grand Dock a Tot lounger available in the market for babies of 9 to 36 months.


  • It is portable and easy to carry from one place to another
  • It is machine washable and you can wash it when ever it is messy
  • Have more space which allows the air flow
  • Padded bottom
  • Available in various sizes from 0-36 months
  • You can use them for longer period


  • Its price is slightly higher than other loungers; this is because this product has many competitors in the market. If you want this product, it will cost you $175-$195; this is its retail price.
  • Although it is easy to wash, you can wash it in a machine and come clean, but it isn’t easy to put it back in the right way after washing. You will feel as if you have washed a queen-size or king-size mattress.
  • DockATot is very easy to use, but it has been seen many times that parents find hard to use this lounger properly. They have to face a lot of trouble using it, due to which many people avoid buying it.

Dock A Tot Reviews

  • On Amazon the Average Customer Reviews for DockATot is 4.9 out of 5 stars from 1,558 reviews
  • It has the Best Sellers Rank #1,529 in Baby and #7 in Infant Floor Seats & Loungers


Snuggle me organic is for newborns only? Up to What age can a baby sleep in this?

Answer: Snuggle Me Organic is designed for newborns so that their legs drape over the bottom edge. It can be used by a up to 9 months of age or until the baby is 21 inches from their head to their bum not feet.

Can A lounger be used at night time for a newborn?

Answer: No; AAP, CPSIA and Health Canada recommends not to use any lounger at night time. Padded loungers should be used under parents supervision like newborns daytime naps when parents can attend to a little one when needed.

Can A lounger like snuggle me organic or dock a tot be used within a crib or bassinet?

Answer: No; Its recommended to use this loungers under parents super vision. You should not use these loungers when your baby is unattended.

Is Dock A Tot water resistant?

Answer: No, Dock A Tot is not water resistant they are made of polyester fabric and are breathable to provide comfort to your newborn.

Do you recommend swaddling in the dock a tot?

Answer: Yes! Your baby can be swaddled as long as they are comfortable. When your baby can sit up on their own unassisted it is better to avoid swaddling.

Can I use Dock A Tot for longer than 8 months?

Answer: Yes, Dock A tot can be used for for longer than 8 months depending upon the size of your newborn, some parents use dock a tot for 10-12 months.

The Conclusion Snuggle Me Organic Vs Dock A Tot

Although both the loungers are great in their place, if your budget is low then Snuggle Me Organic would be a better idea for your baby. Snuggle Me Organic has some extra comfort because of its shape, due to which your baby is very safe; its shape is as if someone has embraced the child.

But if you can spend some extra for some more features and want something that lasts longer, then Dock A Tot would be a good idea. In this, you get different sizes for the child, which is useful for a long time. Of course, it depends on your preferences which lounger you choose. So it is up to you which lounger you select for your child, although both are very good in their place.

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