Swollen Feet During Pregnancy Home Remedies

Swollen feet during pregnancy and home remedies:

A pregnant woman should adapt several changes during pregnancy in every trimester as the baby develops. One of the most common change, is increasing in belly size. It’s quite natural for all the pregnant women. You may also notice swollen feet, ankles and legs during pregnancy, which feels more uncomfortable. If you notice severe swelling in other body parts like the face and hands consult the doctor as early as possible. Because that may be a sign of some serious blood pressure disorder aka Preeclampsia.

Though swollen feet are common. Sometimes you may feel frustrating and feel very uncomfortable while walking.
This article will help you to know the reasons for the swelling in the feet and the remedies to resolve them at home.

Reasons for swollen feet during pregnancy:

As you step-in to the second trimester you may observe these swollen feet and ankle in your fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. This may last till the end your pregnancy. The exact reason is as your growing uterus can put additional pressure on the blood vessels. These blood vessels carry blood from the lower part of the body to the heart, which results in retention of fluid also known as Edema. Causing the swollen feet, ankles and legs.

The other reason for the swollen ankles may be Hormonal changes in the body. When you are getting closer to the due date these hormones starts relaxing the pelvic joints which makes the labor possible. It also spreads or detaches the feet which appears like swelling in ankles.

How does it look like?

  •  You can feel like some fluid is filled under the skin of your legs.
  •  Your legs look puffy, stretched and shiny.
  •  If you sit by folding your legs or hold down a point on the leg for sometime, the effect of dimple is observed.
  •  You may feel like there is something under your feet or like you are stepping on a balloon.

When to consult a doctor, if you have swollen feet during pregnancy?

  •  If you notice a sudden swelling of face, hands and legs.
  •  When you feel swelling with pain.
  •  If you observe swelling with redness or heat in the feet.
  •  When Only one of your leg is swollen and the other is normal.
  •  When there is difficulty in the breathing.
  •  Unbearable headache.
  •  When you feel dizziness.

Remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy:

1. Rest or sleep on your left side:

Sleeping on the left side has many benefits like improvement of blood flow and comforts the baby position, which helps to reduce the puffiness of the feet and legs. When you lay on the left, pressure on the uterus would be reduced. As a result the blood flows back to the heart through the venacava (large blood vessel).

sleeping left side swollen feet during pregnancy

2. Take a massage:

A massage helps in the circulation of the blood flow, which will reduce swelling. When you can’t make it yourself, you can ask the help of your spouse. Add some essential oils for more relaxation. If your partner isn’t comfortable in doing that, not a problem there are many prenatal massage centers provide home service you can contact them. It also relieves from the stress on legs, which makes you feel more comfortable.

massage swollen feet during pregnancy

3. Adjust the size of footwear:

As the swelling feet will not allow you to wear your old foot fittings or high heels. It’s time to choose well fitting footwear which helps in reducing the swelling, back pain problems due to weight gain during pregnancy. Select some wider shoes to accommodate your swollen foot.

4. Take a frequent walk:

Taking a frequent walk for five to ten minutes after the short meals will help in food digestion and also promotes the blood circulation. Walking is considered as the safest exercise for the pregnant women, it also helps to reduce the swelling in the feet or legs.

5. Wear comfortable clothes:

Wearing tight fitted clothes will restrict the flow of blood, which results more swelling in the body parts. Try selecting some loose-fitting clothes which make you feel more comfortable near the belly and legs. Don’t choose the bottoms with tight elastic bands.

loose clothes swollen feet during pregnancy

6. Rest by elevating your swollen feet during pregnancy:

Sitting with your feet elevating will really help you to heal the swelling in the legs. Try on maximum to rest while your feet is up. It helps to drain the excess fluid stocks from your legs.

7. Hydrate your body frequently:

Many women wonder, how would drinking water helps in reducing swelling? Yes, it really does. When your body feels that you are dehydrated, it starts to hold on fluids as a substitute. So, drink many glasses of water everyday to keep your body hydrated. Carry a water bottle along with you, when you are away from home. Its not necessary to drink only water you can also drink fruit juices, coconut water or lemon water and relax.

8. Cutoff caffeine intake:

Consuming too much caffeine isn’t good during pregnancy for the baby. Taking caffeine occasionally isn’t harmful. But the caffeine is a diuretic which makes you pee or urinate for more number of times. At this stage your body feels like to hold on fluids, which results in swelling.

drinking coffee swollen feet during pregnancy

9. Consume potassium rich foods:

Insufficient potassium will result in swelling. Your doctor will prescribe potassium pills if they observe swelling in legs. Potassium has the capacity to balance the fluids. So, it’s necessary to consume potassium rich foods like, spinach, bananas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrot, oranges, yogurt and other.

10. Less consumption of sodium intake:

One of the best ways to reduce swelling during pregnancy, less consumption of sodium. Salt has the capacity to hold extra water. Avoid stored or canned foods like pickles, as they add more sodium for preservation. Be conscious while cooking, avoid the usage of table salt in the dishes.

11. Avoid standing or sitting for long time:

Standing or sitting in the same place for a long time will result restriction of blood flow. Take a frequent walk for a while after sitting or standing for a long time. This will helps the blood flow, as a result swelling will be reduced.

12. Cool your swollen feet in cold water during pregnancy:

Cool your swollen feet and legs by giving a water bath. Slowly and gently massage your feet or ankles with ice packs for best results. It also makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

cold water

13. Wear compression stockings:

Wearing compression stocking will really help in reducing swelling in the foot. They gently apply pressure and squeeze the legs and feet, which helps in the flow of blood. Don’t use too tight stocking which makes the swelling more worse. Stockings till middle of your legs are only recommended not to use the stocking above the knees.

14. Exercise:

Regular exercise will keeps you more active and reduce swelling in the foot or ankle. It also helps to accommodate the blood flow. Consult the doctor before trying any exercises.

exercise benifits during pregnancy

15. Avoid crossing legs when you have swollen feet during pregnancy:

Most of the women have a habit of crossing their legs while sitting or sleeping. Pregnant women should avoid crossing legs, because crossing legs will restrict the flow of blood which results in swelling.

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