Things to do while Pregnant at Home

Things to do while pregnant at home:

Working during the pregnancy is not an easy task. There are some things to do while pregnant at home, but its good to be conscious while working. You may feel tired after working for a while, its better to rest yourself for while. Its Better choose some effort free works.
During the trimesters of pregnancy you may discomfort with standing and sitting due the weight gain. Walking and standing for sometime could be really better in healing muscle tension, It also recharges you back. Taking the foods (foods to take during pregnancy) rich in protein and iron can help to relieve from fatigue.
Small physical activities can build up your energy levels. If you are interested join any prenatal class for fitness. Consult your doctor in prior.

List of some things to do while pregnant at home:

1. Cooking:

Craving is one of the most observed symptom (symptoms during pregnancy) in the pregnant women. You can easily cook your food. Be aware of the sharp things at kitchen, be conscious while working in kitchen. Its better have someone beside you while cooking. If the cooking dish takes long time to cook like baking cakes or cookies then drag a chair and rest for sometime.

2. Cutting vegetables while pregnant at home:

The most recommended task is to cutting and cleaning vegetables. This task can be done without any effort. You can comfortably sit and cut vegetables. Be careful with sharp things at kitchen.

things to do while pregnant at home cutting

3. Few Laundry works:

Folding and pressing the clothes is easy also an easy task to be performed at home. But don’t carry the heavy laundry baskets. Take the help of your spouse for lifting or moving the ironing board. Rest for certain intervals. Sit on the comfortable chairs while ironing. At any situation if you observe back pain or any type of stress, then stop the work immediately.

things to do while pregnant at home laundry

4. Mopping and sweeping:

Before performing mopping and sweeping or vacuuming, purchase the mops and brooms which comes with long handles. The long handle choice will avoid your bending stress. Take enough time and perform these works, if you are staying in a large apartment. Avoid standing or bending for long time. At any point of time if you feel tired, nausea or dizziness stop the work immediately , handover the work to some others and take rest.

things to do while pregnant at home sweeping

5. Cleaning washrooms:

Cleaning washrooms should be strictly avoided if you are using toxic and harmful cleaners. But their are some Eco-friendly cleaners available in the supermarket, which you can easily perform. If they are not available at your place then you can also make use of some less expensive products like soft detergent powders, backing soda, lemon juice and vinegar which are readily available at home. Take some precautions like wearing mask, gloves and washroom slippers to avoid slipping.

bathroom cleaning

6. Cleaning utensils:

Cleaning utensils of less weight is recommended to clean. Their are some large utensils which are very heavy to lift, in such conditions handover the work to the other family member. Its better to finish the task with in 10-15 minutes. Prolonged standing in not encouraged during pregnancy.

cleaning utensils

7. Watering the garden while pregnant at home:

One of the peaceful and best work recommended for the pregnant ladies. This task will ease your stress levels and make you feel pleasant. You can spend time in watering the garden. You can receive the fresh oxygen from the plants which benefits for you and your baby. Don’t lift the heavy pots or watering tanks. Use the weight which is hand free.

garden watering

Tips to be followed when doing things while pregnant at home:

1. hydrate your body frequently( drink plenty of water)
2. often snacking (best to take fruits)
3. Take short breaks after working for while
4. Rest your back for sometime
5. Any uncertain symptom take to the notice of the doctor
6. Go to bed early (a pregnant women need to rest for 8-10 hours a day)
7. Small walk is mandatory ( to boost your energy levels)

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