What are the Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Foods to avoid during pregnancy:

The best moment every women is their motherhood. In that Pregnancy is the most precious stage. She has to play a dual role by taking care of both herself and her baby. Once after the conformation of the pregnancy a few changes takes place in terms of medication,food diet ,sleep, exercises and other.You should avoid some foods during pregnancy. Food habits plays a significant role which will impact the mother and baby’s  health. So, in this article we are going to find out the food not be consumed during pregnancy.

Here are some foods you should avoid during pregnancy


1. Fishes:

Some fishes like Tuna, sharks, Swordfish, walleye, marlin contains a high amount of mercury in them. Mercury is a liquid metal, generally found in the thermometers. This is found in the fishes due to the elements of mercury is exists in the polluted sea water, which will cause damage to the nerves system and brain tissues. The raw or half-cooked fishes contain harmful bacteria. So, the pregnant women should be careful while consuming fish at restaurants.

2. Sesame Seeds:you should avoid in foods during pregnancy

The consumption of sesame seeds may cause abortion. They use in the medicines for P COD( irregular periods)
issues. Sesame seeds encourage the uterine to release the fertilized egg. It is best to avoid the consumption of sesame seeds throughout the pregnancy. At some restaurants they use sesame seeds in cooking to give creamy texture to the dishes and they are often included in the toppings of burgers and pizzas. So, please be aware.

3. Caffeine:

Caffeine is mostly present in coffees and some other dark chocolates. A limit of 150grams per day is entertained.
Caffeine usually works in the relaxation of nerves, so it is easily absorbed by the body and reaches the baby. As the baby cannot digest this compound. Hence it settles in the baby’s body and results, low weight or other serious problems.

4. Pineapple:

The enzyme called Bromelain, present in the pineapple heats up the body which can cause miscarriage or premature
birth. Avoid consuming pineapple completely in the early stages of pregnancy. If you have a carving on pineapple, it is better to take a little quantity in your third trimester with a proper conformation from your doctor

5. Raw meat:

Consumption of raw or processed meat is harmful to pregnant women. They are filled with virus and bacteria which
results in some health complications like blindness, low weight, disability and other. So, the intake of raw meat
should be avoided during pregnancy.

6. Papaya:

Papayas stimulate abortion. It is medically proved that the intake of papaya restricts the growth of fetus, as the compounds like papain and pepsin are present in it. the substance like latex will cause uterine contraction.Hence it is very dangerous to eat raw or ripe papaya during pregnancy.

7. Raw eggs:

Eggs are rich source of protein. It tastes delicious in several dishes. But, until and unless they are cooked.The consumption of raw or half cooked eggs is not entertained. Raw eggs contain salmonella virus, which causes
complications in the pregnancy. The foods like mayonnaise and some other dishes contain raw egg. So,it is good to avoid raw egg.

8. Self medication:

Pregnant women should avoid taking medicine on their self without a proper advice from the doctor. It may be pain killers or other medicines for headache, fever, cold and cough.

9. Alcohol:

People who have a habit of consuming alcohol should immediately put an end to it. Consumption of alcohol may result in miscarriage or premature birth. Even a 10ml of alcohol may effect the baby’s growth, abnormal facial features and effects the central nervous system. So, its better to stop drinking alcohol at least till the breast feeding stage.

10.  Junk or street food:

It is really a bad news for the street foodies. But if you want your baby to be healthy, you should give a break to the street food. The foods like chats and Chinese foods like noodles. The people who cook them at streets will not
maintain proper hygiene. we mostly see them on the road sides in a dusty and unclean places. If you consume that
food, you fall sick with the infections, diseases or some indigestion issues

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