What Foods to Eat To Increase Breast Milk Production

Super foods to increase the production of breast milk:

You have to schedule your diet with the foods that increase the supply of breast milk. Every mother wants to fulfill their baby’s needs as the little one’s requirement is mom’s milk to fill their belly. You may be feeling nervous or worried if the supplement of breast milk decreases. Improper diet and food might show an impact on the breast milk.

Consumption of foods that hold up lactation can increase the supply of breast milk. The foods which improve your breast milk are known as galactagogues. Here is some list of foods which might help you with breastfeeding milk supplement.

Seeds that increase breast milk production:

Fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds are also known as Foeniculum vulgare in scientific language. These seeds attract with a sweet aroma. These seeds can boost your breast milk supply as they are rich in lactogenic value. Consumption of these seeds will benefit both mother and baby. The babies with six months and above can be fed the water of soaked fennel seeds to relieve colic and other indigestion issues. You can consume them raw, add to your recipes or soak them overnight and consume water.

fennel seeds

Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds are part of traditional dishes for many countries. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-b, iron, and calcium. The estrogen compound present in these seeds will enhance breast milk production. Roasted fenugreek seeds smell very aromatic. You can consume the dripping water of these seeds overnight, make tea or add to your dishes.

foods to improve breast milk supply fenugreek

Sesame seeds:

Sesame seeds are rich in calcium. The mother’s bones weakness later the labor and to strengthen the baby’s bones can be fix them through consumption. Avoid the consumption of these seeds during the stages of pregnancy(it may cause miscarriage). Roasted sesame seeds are good to taste. You can add them to your recipes, likely salads, and soups.

foods to increase breast milk supply sesame

Cumin seeds:

We use cumin seeds more frequently in the kitchen. They are rich in vitamins and calcium. It helps in the process of lactation; may improve the production of milk. Several sicknesses, likely indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, and acidity, can be cured. Add them to your dishes, make a decoction of cumin seeds. Store the roasted cumin seeds powder in an air-tight jar for instant use.

cummin seeds

Vegetables that improve the production of breast milk:


Garlic serves many benefits to the human in many ways. It can reduce body fats and prevent cardiac diseases for mothers its more beneficial for the supplement of breast milk. Take a garlic pot and peel off the skin, boil them for five minutes in the water and consume them. You can add them to your recipes, prefer four to five garlic cloves per day.

eat garlic

Green leafy veggies:

Green leafy is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber. The addition of this to your diet will make you healthy. The risks likely cardiac diseases, obesity, and high blood pressure can be reduced. Spinach, kale, beet greens, broccoli, and lettuce can raise the production of breast milk.


Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, also known as vitamin A. This is considered the best food for people with low vision. You can enjoy eating raw carrots or add to your salads or make juices or add in any dishes. They promote lactation, which increases the production of milk.

Grains that increase the production of breast milk:


Oats serves best for mothers to raise their milk production. They are rich in fiber, iron, and lactogen compound. It is the best food for diabetic mothers and boosts energy levels. You can make many recipes out of oats likely, oatmeal, oat milk, oat cookies, and others. A bowl of oatmeal daily will really help you.

oats to increase breast milk supply


Barley is rich in beta-glucan, which increases the prolactin hormone in the body. It keeps the body hydrated. Prolactin is also known as breast milk hormone. Hence the supplement of milk increases. You can make barley soups, salads, barley malt and add them to your foods.

Fruits that improve the production of breast milk:


Papaya is packed with vitamins A, C, and E. It has a high level of antioxidants, which prevent the bad cholesterol that leads to heart diseases. Avoid papaya in every trimester of pregnancy, it may result in miscarriage. Both raw and ripe papaya is the best galactagogue, helps you with the improvement of breast milk. You can consume them according to your requirement. Ripe papaya tastes very juicy and sweet. Add raw papaya to your recipes and salads.


Watermelon looks very tempting by its color and texture. They are filled with water and rich in minerals, fiber, and fructose. It helps in milk production by keeping the mother’s body hydrated.


Apricots are the bonanza of nutrition benefits. They are rich in fiber, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and potassium. Mothers with skin, eye, hormonal, and low hydration issues can boost their levels by preferring apricots. It also helps with lactation to improve the supply of breast milk.

apricots for breast milk supply

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