When to Call Doctor during Pregnancy

Time to consult a doctor during pregnancy:

Congratulations!! you’ve tested positive. You gonna be mommy soon 🙂 don’t be too late to call doctor during pregnancy..At this stage several quires you will come across like, How fast you need to consult your health care advisor? What are the tests to be taken? Unfortunately, if its midnight you have tested positive, don’t be more delay to call your doctor during pregnancy.. Make an appointment as early as possible. It is better to have a list of quires before reaching the doctor.


What happens at the first checkup?

At your first checkup when you call doctor or visit them, the doctor will take another pregnancy test(ask for the samples of your blood or urine) for the conformation. Followed by a scan, blood pressure test, your height & weight, corona test and blood test (a detail report which includes the H B levels, thyroid, HIV, cancer, diabetes).

You should feel free to share your quires with the doctor and get clarified, don’t feel timid or shyness. Because you are carrying a baby inside you. Then the doctor will instruct you with some prenatal care like not to lift heavy weighs,
to have a proper diet, not travel long distance on two wheeler, take sufficient rest, foods to be avoided , don’t use staircases frequently and other.

When to call doctor during pregnancy immediately after testing positive:

If you are healthy and do not have any symptoms of pregnancy like pain or bleeding you may take half a day to
consult doctor.You should meet your doctor instantly if you experience any of the following symptoms.
1. Sensation of itching or pain at vagina due to vaginal infections.
2. Heavy or slight Vaginal bleeding with cramps at the center.
3. If you observe change in the urine color like dark yellow, pink or red color.
4. If the body temperature is above the normal levels, like more than 100 degree F.
5. Feeling very Painful before and after urinating.
6. Feeling Nausea and vomiting frequently. A severe headache for more than 2 to 3 hours, due to fluctuating of hormones.
7. Feeling dizziness due to hormonal changes, uterus expansion and tired, can’t able to stand. The cause for the
dizziness may be due to low blood pressure, dehydration or decrease in H B levels.
8. Heavy pain in the lower abdomen or cramps observed on the sides or at the center.
9. Lower back ache
10. Sudden and severe swelling in the foot and face.
11. Interruption in the vision like blur effect, dimming, dual vision.
12. Severe Diarrhea or vomiting during pregnancy is quite common, this mostly due to change in the hormones.
13. Fainting of odor like dislike boiled rice, meat and other
14. Severe pain in the pelvis due to high pressure on them.
15. Feeling tiredness and morning sickness called fatigue is very common in pregnant women. The reasons for fatigue may be due to improper sleep and improper diet.
16. Difficulty in breathing or taking short breaths quickly.

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