When Will Baby Movements Start During Pregnancy

Baby movements during pregnancy:

Counting baby kicks:

The feel of your baby movements during pregnancy can make you feel delighted and awesome. Every mother has an urge to feel their baby’s kicks; actually, they wait for the movement. These kicks and movements will make you realize that the baby is healthy, developing inside your belly. As the baby is growing by weeks, you can feel the frequent movements.

movements during pregnancy

During which stage of pregnancy, I feel my baby kicks?

If you are a first-time mother, you might start experiencing a baby’s kicks by the end of the second trimester (by the end of 24 weeks to 26 weeks). You are pregnant for the second or third time then you may feel the movements so early likely 16 to 18 weeks. Movements may not be the same for all the mothers, and it may be different. Actually, the movements depend on the baby’s development. If your baby is more active in growth, then you might feel the quick movements.

How can I make sure the movements of the baby?

If you are not sure about the movements of the baby in pregnancy, don’t worry. Sometimes you may assume acidity due to indigestion as the baby’s movements. As the size of your belly increases gradually, the skin gets stretched. Then you can identify the movements of the baby. You can even label the head, hands and legs or foot the baby by the end of the third trimester.

baby movements during pregnancy

In the initial stage, the movements might be small and soft. As the baby grows by weeks, you may feel the baby is vibrating, dancing, rolling, kicking and punching inside the belly.

When will I feel my baby’s movements?

Every mother has their own review on the baby movements. They observe the movements likely.

  • When they feel starving.
  • When they take a bath.
  • While resting.
  • When listening to music.
  • If the baby hear their partners voice.
  • While they drink fruit juices or hot soups.
  • When they are sleeping.

If you are eagerly waiting for your baby’s movements, then take sufficient rest after a walk or a busy work because the little one inside you will not disturb you if you are standing or busy with any work. Try to spend time paying attention to your baby and observe what is happening inside you. Experts say that the baby feels more active during the nights till the mid of the day. The movements become more robust and frequent in the third trimester as the baby grows and develop.

Spend some precious minutes with your baby and have a track of their movements. Very frequent moves is a symptom for free labor. Change the positions of sleep according to the baby’s movements. Try almost to rest on your left side to facilitate proper blood circulation to the baby.

What if I can’t feel any movements?

Contact your doctor or health caretaker immediately when you experience the below situations. Never take free advise from anyone or ignore. Your ignorance may result in a huge loss. Never feel hesitated to visit the hospital. The close you get to labor so frequent you have to see the doctor.

  •  If you do not feel any movements though you have entered into the 25 weeks and later.
  •  If you feel the sudden decrease in the movements of your baby.
  •  If the number kicks or movements is very less compared to the previous.
  •  You have crossed 34 weeks, and later the movements of the baby is weak and slow (this may also occur due to the insufficient space in the womb. Never take an option for the day after).

The doctor will check your baby’s heartbeat. Sometimes he/she may suggest you for a blood report, to check the hemoglobin level. The doctor, along with the team, may keep you under observation. If they observe anything suspicious, then they might go for c-section.

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