Why Does Baby Cry For No Reason

The newborns will convey their discomfort through crying. That is the only way through which they can express themselves. Now it’s your job to find the reason and sort it out. Soothing your baby to stop crying is not an easy task sometimes; it might take a complete day there are many reasons for baby cry. Let’s have a glance at the reasons for a baby cry.

reasons for baby cry


Uncomfortable outfit:

We usually wear different outfits according to the seasons. The same thing will apply to the newborn. Check the type of outfit which the baby wore. Try to change it. Always sun dries the baby clothes. Improper drying or the stink smell from the clothes may be the reason for the baby’s crying.

baby outfits

Uncomfortable with the diaper:

Sometimes by oversight, you might miss checking the baby’s diaper. Maybe the wet diaper making the little one feel uncomfortable. Check the diaper frequently and change it if needed. You should have a stock of diapers at your desk because diapers’ usage will be more in the infant.

newborn rashes

Uncomfortable with noises:

If you are living in an area very close to road transport, then the sound of horns may disturb the baby. Fix the baby board near to the house. Sometimes the baby may feel uncomfortable with the lighting inside the home. Dim the lights of the room while the baby is at sleep. Avoid high volume in the television. The infant can bear a limit of 100 decibels. Not more than that is recommended. If the baby exposes to a large sound above 100 decibels may even cause deafness or hearing loss for a lifetime.


Everything is perfectly alright, but the baby seems uncomfortable, then sickness in the baby may also cause feeling discomfort, which leads to crying. First, check the temperature of the baby. If you observe any high temperature, then make an appointment with the doctor.

Improper digestion:

Improper digestion or swallowing air in the interval feeding may form gas inside the belly, which may cause stomach pain. Never skip burping the baby after a feed. Burping will really help the baby to release the gas trapped inside the belly.


Nursing the newborns once in two hours is recommended. Feeding should be done on demand. Frequent feeding without requirement may lead to indigestion issues. If you are used to formula milk, then you can have a tack of supply, but if you breastfeed, then it’s quite a tough job. Notice carefully, you can identify the difference between breast weight before a feed and after a feed. If the baby is hungry then starts sucking the fingers, you can feed them on demand.

baby licking fingers crying

Insect Bites:

Clean the baby’s room properly; improper maintenance may invite insects like mosquitoes, ants, spiders, and other bugs. According to the studies, mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of babies. Ensure mosquito nets for the baby bedding. Keep all the baby feeding products away from the baby bed because the smell of sweetness may attract the ants. Check the baby clothes properly before putting them.

A bath can make the baby feel comfortable. Engage the baby by communicating or playing with toys when they are awake. Never go away from the sight of the baby. Sometimes, he/she might feel lonely and start crying. Always take medicine for the colic prescribed from the doctor. Colic is different from crying. Excessive crying with a loud sound is colic. Experts say that the outcry of colic is louder than the usual lament.

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